client disconnecting / reconnecting

  • trying to understand why my Amplifi Instant keeps dropping/reconnecting clients? It is nearly "instant" but not sure the underlying cause and how to begin troubleshooting? I am thinking it might be related to band steering and/or automatic channel settings?

  • @dnof Currently, I do not have any known issues reported of this, so it could be something we need to diagnose in your network. Is there any particular devices that are dropping or is it the entire network? Is there anything you have been able to identify as a trigger that causes the disconnects?

  • @UI-Brett Thanks for the reply - It seems to be my iPhone primarily (running 2.4 connection). I would occasionally see it with my Amazon Echo speakers also where they would sometimes pause unexpectedly and then startup again (they are not playing all the time so hard to see). I do have iPhone using WiFi calling so it is noticeably then when it drops. It is only transitory however which makes it hard to understand and pinpoint.

    What I have done as a test is "turn off" the automatic channel and frequency selection on the 2.5 and 5 Ghz networks and have "locked" then into a single channel/band. I am wondering if there contention in the building (apartment building) that causes it try and find a new channel??

    Is there a way (in the app or via another app) to see what are the best channels to lock to? I know in the Unifi app there is channel scanner than is useful

  • @dnof Changing channels from auto to a specific channel is a great way to establish a more reliable connection! To know the status of each channel in your area, there are apps that can be downloaded and used, but AmpliFi does not have one specifically we use. Search for any Wi-Fi analyzer on google and im sure there are a few good options you will find!

    If your device is connecting to 2.4Ghz, it could be a signal strength issue, since it is not opting to connect to 5Ghz. How far away from the primary router are you when the calls are dropping?

  • @UI-Brett Thanks Brett- just checked again and phone is one 5GHz now. There does not seem to be any apps for iOS that do channel scans, so looking for my PC instead. I'll report back how the "locking" in place works

  • What firmware are you on? 3.3.0 has issues and I rolled back and been good. Also go and turn OFF the UPNP setting. That helps to

  • Thanks - yes I am on 3.3.0, but in bridge mode, so I don't have UPNP turned on or available to configure.

  • In general, channel locking has been more successful for me, but there are still occasional drops on wireless. I think it is more an iPhone issue when on the phone, and the phone drops the WiFi to move to cellular when on a call (I have WiFi calling turned on). I do get occasional "stalls" when streaming music via Amazon Echos and either Amazon Music or Spotify which I cannot explain.

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