Slow Wireless connections

  • Hi,
    I purchased 2 routers (not the router and mesh) because I have a 1Gbps internet connection and needed to get close to that speed via wifi to my desktop.

    Back story:
    I was living at a different place and was using a Google WiFi system, the desktop was next to the cable modem, the modem was connected to the main Google WiFi puck, the puck was connected to a Gig switch and my computer was connected to the switch. I was getting about 750-800Mbps wired no issues.

    Move to present, I moved, the room where the Desktop is doesn't have ethernet connection so wireless it is. I knew the Google pucks don't have fast wifi in the mesh points so I decided to buy the Aliens.

    The issue I have now is that no matter which router i'm connected to, I'm only getting about 350Mbps over wifi. I have an iPhone 11Pro and the desktop has a PCI-e Wifi6 card with 2 external antennas.

    The same WiFi speed is on any of the devices. So I connected the second Alien Router and created a Mesh network with the main Alien. I ran a speed test between the 2 routers and I get about 1.6Gbps between both routers, great! but why is my wifi slow?

    I connected the desktop to the ethernet port on the Alien router (the mesh one at this point) and I get the same speed over ethernet.

    Then I go down again to the main router, hard wire my laptop and I get 750-800Mbps.

    I need help at this point figuring this out, these are not cheap and I feel they should work better.

    Also to note, the new home is brand new construction so no thicc plaster or brick walls

  • @Paul-A After you have ran these speed tests with your wireless devices, can you generate a support file from the app? You have confirmed that the backhaul connection is great, since your wired speed on the second Alien is giving you great wired speeds. Support files will help us identify why these specific wireless devices are not giving you the performance we would expect.

  • Just to clarify, the backhaul connection is still wireless between the AmpliFis, the wired connection to the Main Alien has no issues meaning if I take my laptop and plug it in to the main router and run a speedtest.

    Attaching the file here:


  • @Paul-A If you leave the connection between Aliens as wireless, and hardwire your laptop to the second Alien (wireless mesh point) what speeds do you get? This will give us an idea on backhaul connection strength.

  • @UI-Brett that I get about 350-400 max, most of the time it's about 270-310.
    When I ran the Mesh throughput test between the 2 mesh points from the Alien itself it shows 1.5Gbps average up and down

  • I'm also experiencing the same issue. Any updates? I have the latest firmware of 3.4.0 and not getting great speeds when wired on my second Alien. I'm also getting 300-400 max when wired and wireless didn't improve as well. Please advise. TIA!

  • Weirdly for me, it fixed itself on its own. haven't had issues in about a month. Sorry it's not much help. I did reach out to support and they asked me to submit logs etc but then it fixed itself after a couple weeks of back and forth.

  • @Paul-A what speeds are you getting now Paul? Are you updated to the latest firmware? Did you keep the default SSID?

  • @Andy-Lien depending on the time of day because... cable... I can go on steam and download a game at 800Mbps steady, sometimes lower at like 600Mbps. Sometimes even 900s
    One thing you can do, is if you have a NAS or a laptop, copy 1 big file over from a PC on the main Alien and another on the second Alien and see what speeds you get. Don't do multiple files as it tends to not be consistent that way.

    That way at least you sorta eliminate the issue with the internet

    Current firmware says 3.3.1, haven't upgraded to 3.4.0

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