Can an AmpliFi HD serve as a Mesh Point for an Alien?

  • I currently have a standalone AmpliFI HD router ... just curious if it could be used as a Mesh Point if I were to upgrade to an Alien in the near future?

    I know they don't support the same speeds/protocols, so if it did work as a Mesh Point connections through it might not have the same speeds/throughput ... if it is even possible.

  • Hi @Proto732 - the short answer is 'no', you cannot add an HD to an Alien as a mesh point (RAMP) in the traditional AmpliFi sense, and have it managed as part of the primary Alien mesh

    However, if you are willing to manage a second mesh separately, you can add the HD as a mesh point using 3rd Party Router mode (wireless), or Bridge mode (Ethernet backhaul)

    Where it gets tricky is if you want to use the same SSID as the Alien, or you are okay with a different SSID

    If you use the same SSID, roaming might be a problem for some of your clients trying to switch from WiFi-6 to WiFi-5, unless you have a lot of physical / signal separation between the Alien and the HD

    However, you can turn on the Alien's Additional 5Ghz WiFi-5 radio, give it a separate SSID name, and add the HD as a 3rd Party Router Mesh Point to the Alien's unique WiFi-5 mesh, although again, you have to manage the HD separately from the Alien

    This is what I did in order to use the HD as a wireless bridge for extra remote Ethernet ports and it works quite well, but I minimize the number of clients that know and connect to the this separate WiFi-5 network

  • @Derek-Saville excellent possibilities. Thanks for the thorough explanation and examples!!

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