Alien not pairing with HP Laserjet M29w

  • When I enable WPS in the alien and hit the WiFi button on the HP a message pops up on the AMPLIFI app saying WPS device connected but the printer does not pair.
    Any advice to get this paired up? I currently have the alien at all factory settings. Everything else on my network works fine. I only have 1 SSID set up and the printer worked fine with the same settings on my AMPLIFI HD
    Thank you!

  • @PmedicJ Even with WPS, some devices struggle to connect to a dual band network, and you may need to create an additional SSID that is 2.4Ghz only, then manually connect your printer to that network. Also, some printers need their network settings reset before they will connect to another network, so that may be needed as well.

  • @UI-Brett

    Thanks for the quick reply. I will try a reset on the printer in the morning and see how that goes. If not I will try the additional 2.4 SSID and report back.

    Thanks again!


    All is well, Performed a factory reset on the printer and added it to the Alien, No issues or need to create a seperate SSID.

    Thank you for your help Brett!

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