QoS for Wi-Fi Calling, FaceTime, WebEx, Zoom

  • Hello! I recently purchased an Alien router. I want to optimize my iPhone and MacBooks for the following.

    • iPhones: AT&T Wi-Fi Calling, FaceTime Audio
    • MacBooks: WebEx Audio/Video, Zoom Audio/Video

    It's just important for us to not have our "calls" dropped because we're working from home. I noticed these are the following QoS settings.

    • Normal priority
    • Optimized for Streaming
    • Optimized for Gaming

    Could I get some direction on which setting to best optimize for Wi-Fi calling, FaceTime, WebEx, and Zoom?


  • @lamazing "Gaming" is considered the highest priority, with "Streaming" second, and normal for everything else. There isn't a right or wrong way to prioritize them, but choosing an option for each device as you see fit for your needs. I would recommend leaving everything at normal except your device that are used frequently, and more important.

    If everything is given high priority in QoS, than nothing is given priority.


  • @UI-Brett Thanks! Noted. I'll just prioritize our iPhones as "gaming" so calls will be perfect. I'll leave everything else as "normal".

    I guess I was trying to figure out if gaming and streaming had various throughput or latency advantages. But it sounds like it's just a weighted advantage between normal (normal), streaming (high), and gaming (highest).

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