Teleports loose WiFi signal after upgrade

  • Upgraded to new firmware. after doing so all of my hardware teleports have lost there ability to transmit WiFi signal. I can see them connected in my AmpliFi app It says in notes that a hard reset may be required problem is all my teleports are 3000 miles away in Mexico. Is there anyway once I factory reset my teleports to get them to connect back to my home network without them being in close proximity to the amplified

  • @Mike-Nelson The reset required is not a full unpair/pair of the Teleport devices, just simply trigger the factory reset button on the bottom of the Teleport hardware, which will clear all settings but keep the knowledge of your home locations in tact

  • just to confirm you are talking about just a short 1 second reset with a paperclip not a 10 second reset correct?

  • @Mike-Nelson Correct.

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