WAN + LAN for Fixed Installation

  • It looks like there is one Ethernet port on the Teleport that can be configured for either WAN facing to a router, or LAN facing.
    For a fixed installation (i.e. a secondary home) it would be great to have a dual Ethernet port Teleport device with both WAN and LAN facing wired capability (cutting out WiFi latency for streaming), and even the possibility of then turning the Teleport WiFi off.

    Or a cheaper dual WAN + LAN 'wired only' Ethernet version of Teleport (no WiFi capability) that an AmpliFi HD Mesh Router could then plug into, essentially becoming a 'wired back haul' MeshPoint connection to your home network over the internet, would be great.

    I am still hopeful that that the hardware platforms are close enough that AmpliFi will offer the option to re-purpose an HD Mesh Router into a Teleport with a firmware upgrade 🙂

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