High packet loss on wifi

  • I've use my single Amplifi HD for many years now and always been happy with performance, but in the recent week upgraded from ADSL to NBN HFC (50mbs down/20mbs up) plan. I had initial issues with getting the router on DHCP to get an address from my ISP, but that's a separate topic, and after a few random reboots things have all worked fine since.

    I noticed yesterday though that my Samsung S9 (Android 10) was browsing randomly slow, and then my wife's brand new HP Envy laptop would pause on browsing websites. I did a speed test and noticed on both devices that I was getting between 20-30mbs down and 0.08mbs up, with between 30-80% packet loss shown on Ookla Speedtest app. I have a work laptop that is about 3 years old and although it was fine yesterday with negligible packet loss, today seems to be really bad at around 50% packet loss too.

    I've tried researching the problem, as well as rebooting the Amplifi, disconnecting and reconnecting to Wifi, changing Qos settings, but the problem is randomly there and then by some chance of luck seems to disappear. I have an iPhone7 on the network too and it seems to give consistent results of 47mbs down and 18mbs up, which is what I would expect, as well as my wired PC is consistently good with a 2% packet loss as maximum.

    These Wifi tests are all being run at a maximum of 20m line of sight and also on a desk right alongside the Amplifi wireless router. I have backed up the router settings, but reluctant to do a complete factory reset unless it's suggested that it will solve the problem?

    Any help and suggestions are welcome as I'm at a loss of what to try next.

  • @Eduan-Naude Hello, I would recommend you change the channels to something else and see if it improves at all. If not then factory reset it. https://help.amplifi.com/hc/en-us/articles/360039339174-Changing-Wireless-Broadcast-Channels-

  • Thanks for the reply JT, though I think I've found the root cause. I turned off all QoS from various handheld and laptop devices and voila, a lot less jitter and 0% packet loss... upload speed is at full strength. The scary part is that I initiated the QoS selections on some of my more fundamental streaming wireless devices around 3 years ago when I first bough my Amplifi, so have potentially been having these problems for that period of time, unknowingly though as my ADSL upload was so slow anyway.

    Thankfully though, I saved myself from a complete reset!

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