"Selectively Friendly" Network

  • I believe the networks were going to work like this...

    Guest Network = unique SSID & password, fully isolated clients, no access to LAN
    So devices attached to the Guest SSID can not see any other client on the Guest network, cannot access the main SSID or the LAN...basically internet only?

    Friend Network = unique SSID & password, clients isolated to "Friend" SSID, LAN accessible
    Devices attached the Friend SSID can see other clients on the Friend SSID and on the LAN, access the internet, but no access to the main SSID?

    Would it be possible to make the Friend Network 'selective' on a per client basis, managed from the app?

    So, let's say you create the Friend network with it's own unique SSID & Password
    And any clients attached to the Friend network can see each other and access the internet
    By default, all clients on the main SSID and LAN are isolated from the Friend network
    Now in the AmpliFi app on the Devices tab, allow the user to selectively add a device to the Friend network, on a per device basis
    Similar to how one can selectively Teleport a client router-to-router, and then easily turn it off again

    So if friends come over and join the network, one can quickly make other main individual WiFi clients and/or individual LAN clients accessible as needed, instead of having to move WiFi clients over to a different SSID (which is essentially what you are doing) and opening up the whole LAN

    Would that work?

    Maybe allow for a Family profile of devices to be quickly moved to the Friend network and back as a group?

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