DHCP Reservations for Mesh Points in Backhaul Mode

  • I have three mesh points all connected via ethernet backhaul, each with a DHCP reservation.

    Since the most recent update, 3.3.0 i think, all three of them were no longer receive a DHCP address. I investigated and discovered that the MAC address reserved in DHCP was not the LAN MAC address, which appeared to be the one reporpted in Find desktop... so i changed the reservations.

    The devices still get dynamic addresses... why?

  • Hi @Keith-Williams - @UI-Karlis mentioned in the beta notes...

    • MAC address and IP address of the mesh point will no longer change when switching backhaul band or when Ethernet backbone is used.

    So it may be related to those changes

    There has also been discussion around this in the AmpliFi HD Firmware v3.3.0 thread by @UI-Brett that might help

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