Determine Which Devices Are Using Which Mesh Point

  • Is there a way to work out which wireless devices are connecting to which mesh point?
    I have three mesh points in backhaul mode, with some overlap, but as limited as possible. I would expect an iphone to use the nearest / strongest signal, not the routers signal... but from all i can work out, everything is using the central router signals...

    I have band steering on, but not router steering.

  • should have said... the mesh points are amplifi routers.

  • Hi @Keith-Williams - unfortunately only on a per client the AmpliFi app you can select a client on the Devices tab and see which Mesh Point it is connect to by selecting Client Details

  • @Derek-Saville @Keith-Williams Not so long ago, I was making a suggestion to have the possibility to select either the router, either a mesh point and be able to see all the clients that are connected to it, basically a reverse mode of what Derek said earlier. We now have client -> router option but would be nice to have router (AP) -> all clients as well

  • @Virgil-Nicolae said in Determine Which Devices Are Using Which Mesh Point:

    ave the possibility to select either the router,

    it looks like the beta controller at does it, actually... but not in a very loogical way...

  • @Keith-Williams I know (knew) about that (kinda) option, which .. well, it gives the info (sort of). What I've requested them was to add a tab/option within the: Amplifi main screen -> click on any device (router or AP) and inside that view have an option to see "Clients connected" list.

  • Hi @UI-Brett - when you are you going to publish the leader board of feature requests, and all the votes you have added?

    You could make a locked Suggestions - Leader Board forum where only admins could write each idea as a new Topic post, which members could then 'like' as a vote?

    The desire for a client listing per node goes back a while now and it would be nice to see the whole list of ideas you have accumulated over time, since the "Call For Feature Requests" thread never really worked out...

  • Did you solve the issue Keith? I mean, about the iPhone connecting only to the main router? I have the same problem and it just started recently. All other devices, including two iPads change fine between access points (one HD and one instant), but not my iPhone on the latest iOS update. Seems like a phone issue, but I am not sure since everything was working fine up until recently and I did nothing at all to affect the phone.

  • @Andreas-Öjehag no i didnt... not in that i've been able to force it to use other mesh points or router mesh points, no. i think the reason is that there is sufficient signal, and unless the iphone needs to hop, it won't... if i enter the property from a different direct, i.e. one that means i hit a mesh point before i get to the main router, it appears to connect but if i check the connections, it is still reported as the main router... even though at 250m, thats simply not possible...!

    its a bit odd

  • Hmm. Ok, sounds similar to my issue then. Thanks for answering, and if you don't mind, it would be great if you could post something here should you solve it down the road.

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