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  • I just purchased the Alien system on Amazon through a third party. I was really excited to be getting this after trying and having a hard fail with the Orbi. I assumed the price was good at 599, thinking it was the mesh point and router. But it looks like its only the router which retails for 379. I would have purchased directly from Amplifi but its sold out. Has anyone else had these issues with pricing? Amazon is no help and the merchant hasn’t gotten back to me and unfortunately it is already showing shipped. Thanks!

  • Same problem here, people are buying them up and putting them up on eBay. Pretty sad state of affairs as people are using this Pandemic to inflate prices, guy on eBay had 5 of them and gave me some lame ass excuse on why there were $599 for something that cost him $379.00. I wish Amplifi would send out e-mail notifications to people who are looking at buying a unit and at least let them have first crack at them. Or maybe put in an order for one and be on a waiting list. Or flood send them to distributors at Best Buy and other online stores so they can be bought for there regular retail price...

  • @Garnet-Ward

    Terrible, eBay is one thing but amazon should know better. The merchant verified its the only router and cancelled my order. Does Amplifi read these boards??? You guys are probably losing a customer

  • @jmg58 We are sorry you had such a poor experience, unfortunately we are not able to do anything about people reselling these units. I would recommend you watch our store for stock, I will add your vote for a pre order feature so you can reserve a unit.

  • Too late, i already moved on to a different company and product. You actually can do something about selling to chose not to.

  • @jmg58 I am with you, I have the HD units and they are decent, but the way my house is cut up, need more power.. I am about ready to pull the trigger on another brand as well. These "Assholes" that are buying them up are just re-listing them on eBay... Some people had 10 of them, some have 5 and so on... Just curious on what other brand you where looking at as I heard the Orbi's are decent as well. Thanks.... Amplifi you should be replenishing these a lot quicker and or rolling them out in mass quantities to places like Amazon and or Best Buy instead of letting this greedy bastards on ebay!

  • @Garnet-Ward

    My luck with Netgear has been bad. I just tried the Orbi and it’s going back. I’m going to try the tplink ax11000 and buy a WiFi 6 extender if I need it for my house which is about 3500 sq ft. Costco has it listed for 399 and the WiFi extender they have coming out for WiFi 6 are only like 70 bucks each

  • @jmg58 We work with Amazon, Best Buy and other resellers to distribute AmpliFi products, just at this point with the recent release of the Alien and extremely limited inventory, we can't even maintain levels in our warehouse, let alone supply others. When inventory becomes more robust, you will see Alien sold on Amazon by: AmpliFi Store

  • Brett, understandable, but the price gouging on Ebay is pathetic. Some of the people have 10 units.. You guys sent me an e-mail stating you had some in stock by the time I tried to go online minutes later they where all gone, so not sure if you have a limit feature on your website, but I guess if people want full coverage and good coverage they would either go with 2 units or 1 Router and 1 Mesh. My Amplifi HD unit works ok, but I would really like to take advantage of the 1 gig I have coming to my house, I do have a lot hardwired thankfully but my coverage is spotty, I have a Amplifi HD unit and 3 Mesh Ant. Keep me posted.


  • Ironically I had a Alien Router and Mesh Point and it disappeared as I went to pay for it? WTF...... I give up...

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