Amplifi IOS Version 1.13.0

  • I downloaded the released version and have noticed some oddities. The previous app showed my mesh points at 100%. My house is an open floor plan and they cover the entire house. In fact all the previous versions of the app showed the MP's at 95-100%. However, the 1.13.0 change shows that the MP's are average?? Which one should I believe? Were the earlier apps really that far off? Amazing!

  • @Hanz-Shcaerp I noticed the same, new update allows for better positioning but it makes you wonder why in previous builds 100% now shows as average.

  • @Hanz-Shcaerp @Daniel-Bertolone-0 We are working to update our online support documents to explain this in greater detail.

    Average is the ideal location for a mesh point if you are considering both performance and range. Close enough to get great performance on 5Ghz as well as the range benefits, but users can use this gauge to decide If they would like it closer for greater performance but hinder the range, or space them out further to provide a greater coverage area with reduced backhaul performance.

    We have taken user feedback and understand that being "Average" is not viewed as a good thing.. So we will work on giving a clearer message to our users when deciding where to place the mesh points.

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