Adding 2nd router - HD/Gamer or Alien?

  • My home router is a Gamer unit in a basement office (along with the cable modem) and I have two gamer wireless mesh points upstairs to cover most of the rest of the house. I now have Cat5e run from the basement into the living room and want to add a second, wired router there as an additional mesh point so I can spread out the two wireless points for complete wireless home coverage that would also extend out to the deck and such (also want wired internet for the living room TV and other gear).

    If I buy an Alien router and swap that out as my main home router, will that be compatible with and mesh with the Gamer router/two mesh points or should I just buy another HD or Gamer router instead?

  • From my understanding, the Alien router is only compatible with another Alien router or its own mesh (Alien-Router and MeshPoint combo pack) point.

  • OK, so then the question is if I buy an HD router (since they don't appear to sell Gamer routers only) and I install it as a mesh point upstairs, will it play nice and mesh the rest of the wireless Gamer system, in particularly the two remote wireless mesh points?

  • Hi @Mike-Gendimenico-0 - yes, a standalone HD router is compatible to add to your Gamers Edition router as an Ethernet backhaul mesh point

  • @Mike-Gendimenico-0 The Gamer's edition router will handle the routing functions on your network, which means adding an HD via ethernet backhaul will still give you the benefits of the Gamer's Edition throughout your network. And if the mesh points find a better connection via the HD RAMP (router as a mesh point) they will play nice and connect there to improve coverage and performance.

    How to Enable Ethernet Wired Backhaul

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