Amplifi Alien Router routinely rebooting in bursts

  • Repost from the Bug Forum because my eyes accidentally glazed over the Troubleshooting area

    Every day the Alien Amplifi router is rebooting in bursts. The modem has not been rebooting and seems to be working just fine
    I have:

    • replaced the surge protector
    • changed power sockets multiple times
    • tried multiple ethernet cables
    • made sure that there is ample space for the rear vent
    • unplugged the router for ~10 minutes and then replugged and restarted it

    Once I unplug for an extended period of time and reboot stability seems fine for a few hours to a day, but the reboots consistently return

    It seems to reboot at random - with network load varying from being in a video conference with video streaming to just a chat client on one laptop being used. The network connection on the modem seems to be holding steady. The issues seem to consistently present themselves in the morning/early afternoon. I have made sure there is no direct sunlight to cause overheating, but I am starting to be at a loss for what else to try at this point. The consistent bursts of drops make it very difficult to work at home.

  • @Phillip-Peralez I have a similar issue with the ALIEN AmpliFi rebooting roughly every two to five minutes. The ALIEN AmpliFi was running great since January. Internet connection issues start on Monday, March 23. Then I noticed the device was actually rebooting on Wednesday, March 25. Once I noticed the reboot cycle, I put my Ubiquiti EdgeRouter-X back on the modem to make sure the modem wasn't dropping the connection, and to capture some logs. Then I put the ALIEN AmpliFi router behind the EdgeRouter-X. I left a computer connected to the EdgeRouter-X to monitor the internet connection before it gets to the ALIEN AmpliFi router. After about 20 minutes the ALIEN Amplifi started the rebooting again, and it felt hot to the touch. I aimed a fan the AmpliFi and about about another 20 minutes it started to run stable. That worked for about a eight days. Then this week it started to reboot again for a few hours, even with the fan on it. Then it would run stable for a few hours. Then start the reboot cycle again.

    There was firmware update today that I installed on the ALIEN but it didn't seem to make a difference.

    I did contact support through the Amplifi App on my phone. Working on the RMA process for the kit.

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