Ok... so what does it do?

  • I understand that it gives preferences to Nvidia related bandwidth.
    I understand that it has a positioning 270 degrees antenna optimization system - which just means I can point the antenna in different directions.

    I am GENUINELY interested in looking into one of these... I have tried signal boosting and having difficulties. I would really appreciate if you could cut the marketing jargon and just explain why I should get it.... and to let you know you are speaking to someone with masters in electromechanical engineering who has had his own startup in medical devices and been building sensitive medical equipment for 10 years +... I mean if I cant figure it out then.....?

  • @Tolga-Ahiska The Gamers edition is made to minimize spikes in latency, using Nvidia QoS. Not really sure what you are looking for, do you have some specific questions?

  • @UI-JT not really. are the secondary units signal repeaters... or does it extend to them via wired CAT5, or does it carry a signal over the mains like some devices?

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