Completely Stops Broadcasting

  • Hey all,

    So my AmpliFi has recently just stopped broadcasting. I can reset it and it may broadcast for a few mins and then just stop. The devices itself doesn't shut off and looks to be running normally but it just stops broadcasting anything.

    Any recommendations.

    PS. it is a gamer edition but there is little to no posting in that section.


  • Hi @susserman - does the router broadcast long enough to obtain Support Info files?

    Can you connect via Ethernet and generate Support Info files before and after the broadcasting stops, and email them to @UI-Brett ?

    What firmware revision are you on?

  • Thanks @Derek-Saville,

    I email the files to @UI-Brett, I was also able to install the most recent firmware to 3.3.0. This was the first time after restarting it that it let me upgrade the firmware.

    Thanks for the help.


  • I just replied to another comment in the main suggestions section about this.

    I have been running a brand new Amplifi Gamers Edition router + MESH points for a few weeks, having replaced my old Zyxel router. Within a day of switching over to the Amplifi gear, we started seeing our devices began to completely lose the WIFI network very frequently, sometimes every few minutes. This is despite all devices seemingly having good signal.

    The Zyxel router gave us no such issues, and it was also operating on both 2.4 and 5GHz bands - and yielded weaker signal to some of the devices in the house.

    My suspicion is that this has been related to possible instability in the ISP PoP due to increase in traffic during the Coronavirus lockdown - but that should not be causing the in-house WIFI network to collapse! The devices are having to completely re-aquire their connections to the Amplifi access points each time this happens. Only the day before the router swap, all devices had completely stable WIFI connections - some with much weaker signal than we're seeing on the Amplifi network.

    EDIT: my router is on firmware 3.3.0. We are still seeing devices having to re-acquire the WIFI network, although not so frequently in the last week.

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