Have I made the wrong decision in buying Amplifi Gamers Edition Router

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    Bit of random post.

    I'm very sensitive about my internet and connectivity. I have had Zen Internet (a British ISP) over Openreach's fibre for the last 3 years. Bulletproof service and speed (advertised 75meg, got 75meg), Fritzbox router, very robust and offered lots of configuration options.

    But I recently changed, as Virgin Media in the UK decided to provide fibre to the door to my house. Great News.

    It got installed last week and I have their infamous Hub 3 modem router. Yes, I have heard the stories of BT and Virgin modem/routers to be appalling despite the awesome marketing "Best ever WiFi yet!!!".

    So after installation, I tried the Virgin router and was immediately disappointed with the coverage especially in the ground floor box room, which is my office, from the router location on the 1st floor of a 2 storey townhouse.

    I plugged the Fritzbox into the virgin media Hub 3 knowing that should give a fairly good signal and low and behold, it was better. But not perfect. For a 350meg service, I was getting approx 150 in the box room. OK I know there are many things that can interfere, DECT phones, wireless printers, the wireless from the Hub 3 itself (yes I did turn the radios off as well) etc.

    So I decided to research getting a mesh network, which I have hankered after for a few years after seeing the Eero's in the US and then the Orbi's in the UK. I asked my colleagues (dev types), who recommend Google's Nest WiFi and Ubiquity. I did lots of looking at youtube videos (influencers, take with a pinch of salt) read some websites, and in the end decided to plumb for the Amplify Gamers edition, only because the Amplify Alien is not out in the UK yet and judging by the USD price would be expensive for just a router. Plus someone was doing the good price for it and I wanted to get it, not know what the situation with deliveries was going to be with Covid pandemic.

    I forgot to mention, usage in the house, is Xbox gaming, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Smart TV's in girls bedrooms. tablets, phones doing facetime and Whatsapp video calls. And me working from home doing Wifi Calling on the mobile as well as a good 4-5 hours of video calling and online demo's with VOIP calls.

    I got the Gamers Edition. A lovely box, well packaged. Set up AMAZINGLY easy. I could even turn the Virgin Media Hub 3 into modem only and the Amplify immediate connected to the internet.

    The two satellites are connected on the top floor above the room with the main router and the other on the ground floor approx 3 quarters of the way to the front of the house. The main router is at the back of the house on the 1st floor.

    I'm getting inconsistent results on speed. I'm getting video call drop outs. Okla Speedtest tells me high results than the performance test on the app which is supposed to be the raw router speed from the Virgin media modem. Downstairs satellite is approx -55dBM, top floor is -48 dBm.

    And then I read on these community pages, that the firmware that was updated automatically when I first installed it, is apparently giving a bad performance on speed and connectivity with the satellites.

    Have I bought the wrong brand of mesh network?

    Should I be rolling back to 3.1.2? Which is not a great start to a new life with a new brand of router.

    Roland - Mesh Networking noob.

  • Unfortunately, I can't help you as I am in the market for a mesh solution myself. However, your problem is precisely what I fear if I jump in and go with the Amplifi kit. At present, I have my ISP's wifi in the basement which provides very good coverage in the basement and in the room directly above it. I have a Unifi AP in the backroom addition, which serves the rest of the house. It works, but is not 100% which is why I have been looking at mesh.

    Have you tried moving the mesh APs closer to the router? For me personally, the signal is going to have to travel through a foundation wall, I expect I will have the same issue you have.

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