IoT devices not showing?

  • I have an interesting situation. We recently got 2 GPS devices that connect to Wifi for updates. they get an address from the Alien, and I can see them in my PiHole doing lookups and communicating. But they do not show in the Devices view in the Amplifi app.

    Is this normal? How is that possible?

  • @Adam-Hall-0 This is unique. Do you by chance have a double NAT on your home environment? You can see them in the PiHole and they are addressed in the same subnet as all other devices, what about the ability to ping those devices from another machine on your network? You can generate support files and we can take a look at it for any anomalies.

  • I do not have double NAT, I have a FIOS ethernet connection which goes straight into the Alien, and a second one with ethernet backhaul. That is it. So there is only one WIFI network and yes, it is getting an address from the pool.

    I see an hourly DNS lookup for time ( and to the vendor site for config/policy.

    But they do not show in the Devices view 🙂

    I will submit logs now, it's not a major it just intrigued me how it might happen.

  • @Adam-Hall-0 Hello, many IoT devices connect to Wi-Fi only for couple of seconds, do the synchronization and immediately disconnect from WiFi and even release the DHCP address, since they do not need it anymore. Most likely for power efficiency. At least Netatmo works like that and it is perfectly normal. Your devices may be different, but it is possible explanation why you do not see them in devices list.

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