Poor Mesh point performance

  • AmplifiHD here, running on latest 3.3.0 from a few weeks ago.
    I have a 300/30 connection, and regularly test around 330-35 from hardwired devices.

    In the office, where the HD is located, I can test on my phone and easily get 300/20 via wireless. Move to the living room (2 rooms over) and get about 150-175. Out in the garage, I struggle to get double digits. According to the app, my device has about 40% signal out there from the main router. I do NOT have router steering enabled in the app.

    Enter a mesh point. First place I tried it was out in the garage (on the ceiling) and it's very inconsistent. One test will get me 8-12 and the next will get me 80+. Signal for the mesh point was on the edge of green, around -66db.
    So, I figured I'd play with placement. Moved it into the living room, and got it down to -47db and more into the green. The problem is the signal from the main router is still strong enough here for the devices, so they stick to it mostly. That's fine for the living room, but in the garage the signal from the mesh is only around 60%, so devices don't really want to swap over from the main router.

    I'm going to keep playing around with placement here, but is there anything I am missing? What's the sweet spot for signal strength on the mesh point?

  • @Billy-C Hi, I would try to get your signal to about -60db maybe -64db. As far was devices sticking to the router lets try to enable 802.11k and 802.11v to assist with better transitions, this is done in the web interface. Also try enabling A-MSDU to get some better throughput. Please also note that placing them on the ceiling may not be an ideal place for good signal/ polarity.

  • Thank you for the suggestions! I did get better results as I played around with placement more, but I will continue to tweak and adjust. Knowing that 60-64 is optimal helps greatly. I will also make the settings changes you mentioned.

  • @Billy-C I've been having the same issue using the v3.3.0 firmware. I rolled back to v3.1.2 a few days ago and not had any issues since. My logs were emailed in Friday of last week and I've had responses but nothing that productive, just asking me to connect to the routers via the ethernet ports etc to test speed etc. I've replied advising that 3.3.0 does seems to have an issue within the Mesh point WiFi backhaul.

  • @hunterp Mine has been working great after I enabled what JT suggested above. I have it located in my living area now, mesh point has a signal of -60dBm now. I'm now able to get full speed in the living room and 200+ reliably in the garage. I'm very satisfied with these results.

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