Port forward not working

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    I have 3 Amplifi HD. Ampli HD AA connects to an openwrt soft router, Amplifi HD BB and CC connect to AA
    with backbone. A NAS connects to CC.
    Openwrt serves as DHCP server and dials to the ISP, the modem is in bridge mode also. I've set the port forward as following, is the NAS.0_1585739832675_port forwards setting.JPG
    however the port forward is not working. If I add the openwrt LAN IP and PORT in the port forwards, I can visit the openwrt from internet.
    And I can't use the remote access to view the Amplifi AA setting as well. I can visit if I remove the OPENWRT.
    The firmware is 3.3.0, the openwrt kernel is R20.3.19. Can someone help to solve the issue?
    0_1585740286133_amplifi.PNG 0_1585740439565_openwrt.JPG

  • Amplifi AA is in bridge mode as the screen shot.

  • @王智怡 The AmpliFi in bridge mode should not be able to do this, can you send me a support file?

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