Poor Customer Service - Alien

  • I purchased an Alien when they were available in early March. The product died on me within three days of usage. Contacted support and was told the best way is to create an RMA and get it replaced.

    I went through the RMA process and sent my unit back. Before returning it, I checked with the rep if units are in stock, and she confirmed they are in stock.

    Long story short, it's now been over a week that Ubiquiti received my defective unit and I still haven't received confirmation that the replacement has shipped. The rep tells me now she is not sure when they will ship, and my RMA status online is showing the item is on backorder.

    This was my only router, and I have been forced to use mobile data as I'm working from home. Ubiquiti support does not care, and every attempt to escalate has failed.

    I realize the current state of the world is challenging for every business. However, Ubiquiti is not a mom and pop shop, and they should have some resources to figure these things out. The responses I received from their RMA rep have been extremely poor one-sentence emails.

    Meanwhile, I'm reading posts on Reddit from other users who got a replacement sent to them directly by support without going through the RMA process and with a turnaround time of a few days. Why was I being told to go through an RMA process to then never receive a replacement?

    My first and last Ubiquiti product. Very sad.

  • Well, not sure if they have any in stock as some morons are buying them up and throwing them on Ebay for a lot more which is ridiculously! I have had decent luck with the Amplifi HD system with little issues, the problem is most router companies need to expand the bandwidth of channels that can be used. If you Iive in an area where there is a lot of WiFI traffic you will get some interference. I was looking for a mesh unit that can handle 1Gig well and thought this would be the one to look at, they should have ran up stocks of these units before they started selling them, every time I see them pop up on here before I even have a chance to buy them they are gone, then I see more on Ebay!


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