Main Alien Slow Speed Test (Hardwired)

  • @Marcelo-Guerreiro Can you DM me your ticket number so I can look into this with you?

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    I have same problem.
    I purchased an AmpliFi Alien Router from eBay two days ago.

    I have followed instruction to do the set up very carefully.

    The speed shows very slow which compare with the router I am now. As you can see in the pictures mine speed is more higher than this AmpliFi ALIEN Router 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 and the speed performance has big difference.

    When I tested these routers, I have FIOS internet service from Frontier. Under same condition: same internet modem, same CAT 7 cable, Same power outlet... and by the way this AmpliFi Alien router body tempurture was high. (98. F) when testing. The other router I had is Linksys AX5300 wi-fi 6.

    According to many AmpliFi Alien wi-fi 6 router reviews from website, I don't understand why this happened as the speed performance is so slow.
    The AmpliFi Alien wi-fi 6 router's speed performance should be better than Linksys AX5300 wi-fi 6 router.

    I feel something went wrong about this router. Can you give me any comment or advise? Why the speed performance has big difference?



  • @Neil-Chen Have you checked the QoS setting? If not, go to http://amplifi.lan/ and check these settings. 0_1588887986446_061ac876-5d94-40f4-b6cd-f96c00d7d376-image.png
    The first one will limit your download speed. As my screen shows, this is 1Gbps. See if yours is set to the value of speed that you are experiencing right now.

  • @Neil-Chen has there been any resolution to your ticket? Just received mine, connected to AT&T Fiber and getting worse speeds on ip passthrough configuration.

  • @kvelez432 have same issue no matter it is on bridge mode or router mode. The alien’s WiFi 5 is faster than it’s WiFi 6. Should just stay with my old WiFi 5 router.

  • @Mario-Ho I also recently purchased an Alien router and connected it to my Bgw210-700 (which was getting 960mbps hardwired). The Alien with a hardwired speed test is only getting 600-700 MBPS while hardwired and following the setup for IP Passthrough. Leave it to POS AT&T to force me to have to mess around.

    TLDR: I have speed both hardwired and wifi with AT&T 1000 Internet and the Amplifi Alien router.

  • @kvelez432 I am having the same issues as you are with my AT&T gigabit internet.

    The BGW210-700 is faster than the Alien - I too have tried to reset both the gateway and the Alien router and I can never get my wired speeds as fast as the BGW210 and my wifi speeds are the same if not a little less than the BGW210-700 gateway which leads me to ask why I would ever keep the router if the performance is the same.

    Range in my apartment also seems similar if not slightly worse.

  • @PoTsun-Chen I too am going to return the Alien and stick with the ATT gateway...there doesnt appear to be any upside besides the fact it looks cool.

    I am losing 200mbps with a hardwired connection to the alien in ip passthrough mode.

    Makes no sense.

  • @Nik-Lulla Does bridge mode not achieve higher speeds for you?

  • I know this thread is a few months old but just wanted to add myself to this list. I too have ATT Fiber and have tried setting up the Alien on three different gateways that they offer and not sure what's wrong but the Alien and the ATT gateway don't play well with one another. The download speed appears to get bottlenecked and it doesn't matter if its in passthrough mode or bridge mode......the Alien mesh point , however it using the AC band ( I have it hardwired to the Alien router via ethernet backbone) and the speeds are fine on the mesh point.

    Has anyone been able to solve this problem? since the Alien is the only router I've seen this happen with I think Amplify needs to push out a software update to fix this issue? anyone care to chime in with suggestions? any help appreciated?

  • For what it's worth I'm convinced this is simply an issue with incorrect results being reported by the Alien router. I have gigabit internet and when I do speed tests from my client devices, I get 950+ mbps on ethernet devices and 600 mbps + from WiFi connected devices.

    However when I run the native speed test form the alien itself, I only get 450mbps. The funny thing is when running a speed test from my PC via ethernet, I actually see the Alien LED display showing a download of 900 + mbps, so it's clearly capable of it.

    I think it's just a faulty test, which is a shame because it makes people lose confidence in the device. Mine is otherwise performing great and no complaints.

  • I know this post is from several months ago but i'm also having similar problems with 2 Amplifi Alien routers we bought in early October & it looks like this still hasnt been resolved in any way for anyone otherwise im sure id see replies from happy people on here rather than more like mine who sadly are also adding their names to whats becoming a fairly long list.

    I have Comcast Xfinity Gigabit service & I've had their techs over several times already to confirm its not a problem on their end which can easily be proven most of the time by simply connecting directly from the modem to any computer. That has consistently been able to obtain the correct speeds around 900-960 mbps WITHOUT the Alien routers in the equation. The routers also dont seem to be able to handle numerous connections at the same time very well especially when streaming &/or gaming. It doesnt seem to make any difference where or how i run speed tests either - hardwired or wireless makes little difference - in both cases it simply cant keep the speeds up close to 700mbps at best but more often averaging around 400mbps. I realize to some people that may seem a bit nit picky but when you have as many devices connected all day long with plans to add more in the near future such as smart locks, household appliances, etc on top of 12 iphones at any time, 4k tv's streaming from amazon/Netflix/etc, Roku streaming HD, stereo A/V receivers, 4k blu ray players for extra content, Xbox Series X with Xbox Live gaming, several tablets, multiple desktop computers, & Im sure a few other things im forgetting & you're losing 200-600mpbs its makes a HUGE difference on how everything on your network runs or if it even can.

    I had high hopes for the 2 Amplifi Alien routers we purchased especially after dealing with complete garbage from Netgear Nightmare Nightjunk series that thankfully we were able to get sent back in time b4 the 15 days were up for full refunds prior to buying the 2 Amp Alien routers but so far to us it appears the advertising may possibly be inaccurate.

    I have also given the Unifi lineup a try on a smaller scale with a USG, US8-60w switch, Unifi6_lite, & UCK-G2-plus to see how it would do but so far its been more of a headache than help & until Ubiquiti releases their FULL lineup of Wifi-6 equipment, not just a couple access points, that hopefully will be made to handle consistently heavy usage especially for any kind of future proofing then I dont think that is going change. I also see absolutely no way whatsoever to run 4k security cams on the same network or there would probably be so much lag that it would render everything useless if even functional at all.

    At this point im starting to wonder if Ubiquiti may be a bit overhyped which really would be disappointing considering they are more affordable than Cisco but thats mostly due to Cicsco licensing fees from what i can tell. Cisco has been on top or close to it for as many years as I can remember & when ya have that kind of reputation & the years of great equipment to back it up then & only then can you charge a premium for it all. REALLY hoping Ubiquiti puts out a patch or some other fairly simple possible fix ASAP especially since all the money we had to spend on our network is now gone along with any chance of buying some other equipment that can actually handle what all we have on our network. :^(

  • Hi @AnakinSkywalkerVader - it is probably not worth the effort, but I am curious, if you make your network completely dark (no powered, active or attached clients) and then run the Alien with a single hardwired computer client, what's the performance tested both in DHCP mode and Bridge mode for comparison?

    • NAT enabled & disabled?
    • IPv6 enabled & disabled?
    • Web UI QoS enabled & disabled?
      (I have found ~80% of rated download service & ~75% of rated upload service to be a sweet spot in the areas we use, but I will also trade some bandwidth for lower latency every time, and be sure to check as I have found the download speed to be cut in half on some reboots & after usage over time requiring the feature to be toggled to reset it)
    • etc...

    If you are willing to enable the Beta options you can also go in and turn off background features like Bluetooth, performance monitoring, IGMP proxy, display, and the like to give the Alien as much available packet processing power as possible

    And then as you bring clients back online one-by-one, what happens?
    Especially if you have any IoT devices
    (just had an issue where a 2.4GHz only pool sweep ~not mine~ was decimating a network when active, and no, I don't know why anyone would need a pool sweep on the internet)

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