2x Amplifi HD routers in backhaul. Mirroring the stats of the first one to second.

  • Hi, So my situation is this.

    I have Amplifi HD router, let's call this router A.

    I also have second Amplifi HD router that is hardwired to the A via the backhaul feature. Let's call this router B.

    Router B- will show stats on the LCD screen of B-router only. (By stats, i mean UP/DOWN speeds and total amount of bytes that has gone through the router)

    Router A- will show stats of router A + B stats. Because router B goes through router A.

    Currently, there is no feature to mirror router's A-stats to router B. So i can monitor the total amount of bytes and speed of my total network usage. This would be feature that i request and that i have been seen other people requesting. (In youtube, guy was showing backhaul feature and mentioned this)

    My personal situation is that router B-sits in my office in front of me. The data of that is useless because most of my devices are connected to router A. (Including my Home-NAS that i would like to monitor.)

    Can i get answer from the developer will this be implemented in the near future? Coding of this should be pretty easy, just mirror the stats of A- router to B- router, and that's it. (This feature impacts the decision will i be keeping the router B. Because right now it's just fancy switch)

    Thank you.

  • @Asko-Puumalainen This has been identified, but no ETA on when this functionality will be implemented unfortunately.

  • @UI-Brett Thanks! Is this feature going to be implemented because of my suggestion, or has this been notified before? (Just so i can put my expectations accordingly when we might see this feature)

  • @Asko-Puumalainen It has been identified before, but only as of recently

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