AmpliFi Router HD behind a fritzbox?

  • Hi, I'm using an AmpliFi Router HD behind a fritzbox 7490 router from AVM which provides my internet connection. I want my AmpliFi HD Router to act as DHCP server and to host any connection in my LAN, wireless or wired. And I want to use features like the advertise blocker. The problem is, that I only have internet access when the Amplify Router is in bridge mode. In normal mode with DHCP I have no internet access. I have no clue how to configure the fritzbox and/or the Amplify Router to work like desired. Any suggestions?

  • I use a Fritzbox 7583 and multiple Amplifi routers in bridge mode. It shoud be working without to much hassle. Make sure you deselected both wifi frequencies in the Fritzbox.

  • @Detlef-Hoefer said in AmpliFi Router HD behind a fritzbox?:

    fritzbox 7490

    Setup bridge mode for 7490 and let the AmpliFi HD router do its job, via DHCP.
    I would first double check with the ISP, as, in my case, they had to do that change remotely.

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