WiFi Calling On iPhone's

  • @Craig-Fabian It definitely appears to be more of an Apple device issue. I can tell you that unless Amplifi has some magic sauce in the way they handle port forwarding, they really need to block the ability to create duplicate port mappings in their app. It only leads to confusion and bad configurations.

  • Absolutely! Between having two iPhones, two iPads, a Mac and a MacBook port forwarding for all six gets really confusing.

  • @mears148 It’s definitely an issue between Alien and iPhones. I don’t believe I’ve seen any users with Android devices. Interestingly, I’ve disconnected the Aliens and tested WiFi calling with eero Pro system and Orbi RBK50 system separately, both worked great with WiFi calling.

  • For those experiencing issues, are you using the 5GHz or 2.4GHz band? Do you experience it with both?

    I guess some may have theirs setup for band steering so it will jump back and forth depending on signal strength, making that a confusing question to answer. I have that turned off on mine with the 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands using their own SSID. I did this for multiple reasons: it made the transition from my old router to the new router seamless since it didn't support band steering, requiring each band to have its own SSID. This saved me time since I didn't have to go to all the devices using a different SSID and reconfigure them. Also, I have some smart devices that don't play very nice with the auto switching.

    Next question: For those experiencing issues, do you have the additional 5GHz radio enabled? If so, is it also using the same SSID as the other 5GHz radio?

    The 2.4GHz and one of the 5GHz radios are WiFi 6 capable while the second 5GHz radio is WiFi 5. I initially had both 5GHz WiFi radios enabled and sharing the same SSID. My WiFi calling issues were occurring on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz radios but it was the 5GHz radio where it seemed I had better consistency in maintaining a WiFi Call when it did work, at least from my early observations. The latest request from support asked me to enable the second 5GHz radio if it wasn't already enabled, give it a unique SSID, and join the phone to that to see how it works. When I separated the 5GHz radio SSIDs, my phone was staying on the WiFi 6 radio since that network name didn't change for that. When that happened, my WiFi calling immediately dropped. When I removed the phone from the WiFi 6 radio and then joined it to the WiFi 5 radio my WiFi Calling immediately came back on. I thought that was interesting.

    Now, it is too early to tell if that is part of the problem since I just switched it over. So further use and testing will need to be done to see if that may be a step in the right direction.

  • @Craig-Fabian I’ve seen the posts about port forwarding which I don’t mess with but as far as WiFi calling on our 3 iPhones we’ve never had an issue. In our condo apartment cell reception is quite poor so without WiFi calling we would have frequent issues. We have none. iOS 14 has introduced some intriguing bugs but none affecting phone calls for us but could for others. Everyone’s needs and uses differ but WiFi calling for us has been rock solid. Have no Android experience.

  • @John-Pappas There have been thoughts of this being directly correlated with the carrier in use. If you don't mind me asking, who do you use as your cell provider?

  • @UI-AmpliFi AT&T. Unfortunately their cell signal in our community is very poor, I have to practically drive out of the neighborhood before I can get navigation directions to load on my phone. But wifi calling has never been a problem. On the lower floors of our condo buildings there is essentially no cell service and everyone here who has a compatible phone uses wifi calling.

  • I'm using T-Mobile. IPhoneX so wifi 5, iOS 14.01, ISP Verizon Fios 1Gig speed,

  • Verizon here

  • Hi @Virtual-Mirage,

    Our phones are basically always on 5 GHz band. I don't have the SSID's segregated between both bands, they all broadcast under one SSID. Our 5 GHz coverage between one alien router, one meshpoint, and one RAMP is great in a 3,000 sqft two-story house, I don't recall ever seeing a 5 GHz capable device on 2.4 GHz.

    Band Steering is enabled, but roaming between AP's only really happens when we're moving around the house. Handoff on all devices is fast and seamless, that's one feature I've been very happy and impressed with from the Alien, compared to other mesh systems I've owned in the past.

    All of my smart devices (50+) play very nice with our three Aliens. Again, 5 GHz-capable and 2.4 GHz smart devices connect to their respective bands correctly without issue another feature I'm VERY happy and impressed with

    I have the default additional 5 GHz radio enabled, I left it enabled as that's how it was by default. Yes, it's also under the same SSID. Support has me separate the 5 GHz radio and solely connect my phone to it, but still had issues and sent support files. I did more testing for support last week, they noticed packet collisions, and they're working on a firmware update.

    It appears to be working correctly for me with the port forwarding. Not sure about the rest of the family, but haven't heard complaints lately, so that's a plus.

  • iOS 14.1 Patch Notes

    • Improves compatibility with Ubiquiti wireless access points

    Haven’t seen any difference in call quality but am running the latest iOS version on my iPhone 11 Pro Max.

    Let me know if you see a difference please.

  • @abz786 I previously had issues with AP roaming. Phones constantly reverted to LTE. This was not only on Amplifi Alien. Tested after updating iOS and issues seem solved. I switched on Fast Roaming since the update and roaming is now very smooth. No interruptions on a FaceTime calls anymore.

  • This is not a problem with iOS, it is a problem with Amplifi. I already tried enabling WiFi calling on my iPhone 11 Pro Max on AT&T with 14.1, and the issue still persists.

    At this point, how can I get a full refund for my Alien? This is ridiculous that this issue hasn't been solved. The support team seems apathetic towards getting this fixed based on the responses in this thread. It is a known issue, corroborated by multiple users in this thread. I didn't have this issue when I was using my Apple Airport as my wireless hub. I thought I was getting the best WiFi 6 router out there, but clearly reality has fell way short of those expectations. At this point, I want a full refund because nothing is being done about this.

  • @Joseph-Francis-Lambert-Caubo I understand it is frustrating, I agree with you. But before throwing everything out the proverbial window, have you tried the following:

    Do you have the second 5Ghz Radio enabled (WiFi5)? If so, is it using the same SSID as the WiFi6 radio?

    If you haven't tried already, turn on the second 5GHz Wifi 5 radio, give it a unique SSID, and join your phone to that (make sure your phone forgets the other network names). Does it make any improvement in your WiFi calling? Per tech support troubleshooting, they had me do this. Along with the port forwarding rules I had already made as mentioned earlier, when I made this change my WiFi calling and has been pretty solid for the past 3 weeks.

    Another thing you can try if the above doesn't work or you want to use WiFi6: if you login into your router's web interface on a PC or browser (not the app) via http://amplifi.lan/. Select your router. Towards the bottom of the settings page, check the option "receive BETA firmware updates". Note that just because this enables to option receive beta firmware updates, you do not have to install the beta firmware to get this next step to work. After you make that change and save, you should see an option/link called "beta options". Select that and in there enable "Forbid IGMP proxy service" and save your changes. Support mentioned some others have reported success by enabling this option, which I believe they are working on correcting/implementing a similar solution into a future firmware update. I just made this change today on my router and reconfigured my two 5GHz radios back as one SSID then rejoined the WiFi6 5GHz network. So far, along with the 14.1 update I installed tonight, WiFi calling appears to be working. The real test, however, is to see if it remains consistent and stable like the first work around mentioned was.

  • There's an explicit note in the iOS 14.1 updated about fixes for Ubiquiti access points.

    - Improves compatibility with Ubiquiti wireless access points

    If things are better after 14.1, this may be why.

  • @Virtual-Mirage I can't turn on a 2nd radio because it throws up an error.

    I did work with your support to get on the BETA firmware updates. That did the trick, until I just updated to 3.4.3. Now WiFi calling is back to being broken again. It is frustrating and tiring to get a fix and then have it immediately broken again a week later.

  • @Joseph-Francis-Lambert-Caubo What kind of error are you getting with the 2nd radio? That sounds odd.

    Make sure that the Forbid IGMP proxy service did not revert back to being unchecked after the update.

    My phone still seems to be working fine. However, I must note that I recently replaced my iPhone XS with an iPhone 12 Pro less than 2 weeks ago, so that may be playing a part as well. The iPhone 12 Pro connects via WiFi6 while the XS only connects as WiFi5. I still need to do further testing on my wife's phone (an older iPhone X) to see if she is experiencing any WiFi calling issues.

    I only just updated to 3.4.3 late last night, so I have not been on the newest version long enough to provide any consensus with it.

    On a side note, I do find it very annoying that any time I have to reboot my router, it screws up communication with my Hue Bridge (connected via ethernet) and LiFX bulbs (WiFi only). The majority of my lights in my house are Hue. I have to end up power cycling the bridge and LiFX WiFi components after the router reboots to get them communicating properly again, which is annoying since they are not in easy to access locations (I typically end up flipping the breaker to the room to power cycle them). I never had that issue with my previous router, they would recover with no issues if the router lost power or got rebooted. Thankfully, I reboot or lost power situations are rare.

  • @UI-AmpliFi I sent my life files this morning. I have iPhone 12 pro with iOS 14.2. Verizon is my carrier. I have two aliens one near the spectrum modem and wired backhaul in bridge mode to the other side of the house. I just enabled the port forwarding as described here and disabled the pp rovate addreas. I would look at thatprivate address thing as this started for me when I updated to iOS 14.

  • Hey all.

    I’m on Verizon cellular, have an iPhone 12 pro max. My ISP is ATT fiber. My Alien is plugged into the router (essentially it’s in bridge mode).

    When I initially set up my alien I logged onto my Alien via a web browser on it’s IP address (unaware of the app to be fair) and turned off the IGMP proxy service.. the check box actually says “disable if WiFi calling doesn’t work”.

    Go to your aliens IP on a web browser. Login with your local username password and simply uncheck the box.

    I’m sorry of you have already done this, but just throwing it out there... I’ve never had an issue with WiFi calling.

  • I am still experiencing issues even with the 3.4.3 update. But now the problem has morphed. Before I would have issues maintaining calls with WiFi calling, getting frequent drops. Now, when WiFi calling properly establishes, it works fine and may work fine for days...until I leave the house to run an errand then come back. It seems to have problems re-establishing WiFi calling when you leave the network and come back. It acts like WiFi calling has connected but all my outgoing calls will drop and incoming calls will be missed, going to voice mail. To resolve this, I typically will need to restart my phone or even turn off the WiFi on the phone for at least a few minutes before turning it back on in order for the WiFi calling to start working properly again. And once established, it will continue to work fine until I leave the house again. Between this and my Philips Hue and LIFX lights acting up with this router, I am getting very frustrated. All my previous routers never had these problems, set it and forget it. But this Alien router, while having many great capabilities, is becoming one expensive annoyance because it seems to have issues with what would be considered to me basic, daily transactions.

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