WiFi Calling On iPhone's

  • @Virtual-Mirage My iPhone did something similar to that a few times, I resolved it by forgetting the network, rebooting the phone, and reconnecting to the WiFi network. I had to do it when I updated to 3.4.3 and again when I downloaded the latest beta. I believe that particular bug began showing up for me around iOS 14.3, try that and maybe also try resetting network settings?

  • I just want to give an update that I am still experiencing issues with WiFi calling on my iPhone 12 Pro, especially if I leave my home and come back. It seems that my phone will have trouble re-establishing a stable WiFi calling connection until I power cycle my phone and/or swap to a different radio (2.4GHz or 5GHz). Odd, that once it has established WiFi calling, it remains pretty stable until I my phone leaves the network coverage area again. This includes going out to run errands, taking a walk around the neighborhood, or even going outside to do yard work. I don't have any issues if connected to other networks outside my home. Has there been any headway on a solution here?

  • I also have sporadic Wi-Fi calling issues. I do find that setting my iPhone 12 pro max to airplane mode for a few seconds and then turning airplane mode off I reestablish a Wi-Fi calling connection.

  • Just adding my issue to the pile. I have wifi calling problems as well. Have two alien routers in mesh configuration. Have 802.11r/k/v all checked as recommended by support. Phone still has trouble maintaining a clean signal. Using VZW-WiFi and Charter Spectrum with 100/15 service. Last system (older Orbi) was troublesome when roaming from point to point. Was hoping these two Aliens would fix it. Did notice that "Additional 5Ghz radio" with the same SSID as my primary was checked on this last reboot. Shutting that off seems to have helped it.

    really hope this gets sorted. I have 14 days left in the return window. So far, love the Alien as far as features and general "slickness" is concerned, but have to have reliable cell for work.

  • I would like to give another update. For over a month I was getting some pretty reliable WiFi calling on my iPhone 12 Pro when having both "Forbid IGMP Proxy Service" and "Forbid Fingerprint Service" checked in the beta options. I disabled the "Forbid Fingerprint Service" due to some known issues with houses using Philips Hue and LiFX bulbs, so whether it made any improvement to WiFi calling is purely incidental. But there are some catches to this.

    First, I only have luck when my phone is using the 2.4GHz radio. The 5GHz radio continues to give me WiFi calling issues. Secondly, if I leave the house and come back home, it does take more than a few minutes before my phone will confirm that WiFi calling is enabled and working properly. So it is not as instantaneous as my older router was and prevents me from "hot swapping" between cellular and my WiFi and keeping the call from dropping.

    Today was the first time I heard my wife complaining of constant dropped calls on her iPhone X. Sure enough, it wasn't holding the WiFi calling and she was on the 5GHz radio. I forced her to join the network on the 2.4GHz radio and after a number of minutes and a phone restart it started to work fine.

    I did notice during these issues that there was a newer firmware update out, 3.5.0rc5 and decided to upgrade to it today (albeit reluctantly). I was on 3.4.3 earlier when the issues above were happening. I can't say much if the newer firmware update resolves my problems since it is still too early to tell.

    Needless to say, this is extremely frustrating. I am going on 6 months now since buying the Amplifi Alien and I am STILL having WiFi calling problems across multiple iPhones. With us working from home and not having a strong enough cell signal to depend on that, this has become way more than just an inconvienence.

    On a somewhat side note of other issues, I have noticed with my iPhone if I stray too far away from the router when on the 2.4GHz radio to have weak, but still connected signal, when I get back to a stronger signal the phone's speed and responsiveness doesn't always improve. After doing this, I have had instances where when I am back within 10ft of the router my response time will be in the seconds (not milliseconds) and my throughput will barely top 5Mbps. To fix the problem, I either have to change to the 5GHz radio and back or restart my phone.

  • So the same day I upgraded to 3.5.0rc5 I noticed a few hours later there was 3.5.0.rc6. I went ahead and updated to that since it mentioned something about iPhone connectivity issues being addressed. I have been on it for about a week and I believe I am still having some WiFi calling issues. Sometimes it works fine while others it just doesn't connect or drops. Just today I was on a call that started as WiFi calling but shortly switched over to regular cellular, which my signal is very weak. At least this time the call didn't drop. Also strange, during this call, my WiFi connection on my phone also dropped. WiFi didn't come back until after the call ended. Shortly after coming back, it showed the WiFi calling was enabled again on the phone. I then made another call and almost immediately WiFi calling dropped, forcing me back over to cellular. At least this time my WiFi connection remained. I am currently using the 2.4GHz radio.

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