WiFi Calling On iPhone's

  • Any updates from Amplifi team on whether the recent 3.4.1 firmware update contains any fixes for the wifi calling issue?

  • @jasnmiller1 It doesn't.. fingers crossed that it's fixed on the next round of betas.

  • @UI-Brett any word on the fix or upcoming beta?

  • Something needs to be done here. I have AT&T with only 1 bar of signal. Wifi Calling just doesn't work. PLEASE UI Tech support fix this. Working from home with 1 bar of a signal is very hard.

  • @tom531 please send your support files to @UI-Brett... this is a really weird issue for so many iOS users to be having.

  • For what it's worth, the Alien isn't the only router with iPhone WiFi calling compatibility issues. Believe it or not, I have AT&T cell service and AT&T fiber home internet, and had all sorts of similar issues with WiFi calling on my iPhone X using the AT&T supplied Pace 5268AC modem / router. You'd think you wouldn't have issues like that using all AT&T services and AT&T supplied gear, but I did. Once I got my Alien, I used the dumb switch method to remove the AT&T Pace 5268AC modem / router from my network and connect my Alien directly to the ONT, and now WiFi calling is working for me for the first time.

  • @gtg465x I was concerned when I first came across this thread which was before I received my Alien. I have an 11 Pro Max and poor cell reception in my building so wifi calling is a necessity. I had no problems with my previous router, an Apple Time Capsule, but reading these posts left me a little insecure. But since setting up my Alien I’ve had no issues with cell calls. Verizon Fios is my isp and I’m on ATT cell network.

  • @John-Pappas Thanks for reporting, it has been very difficult to replicate this issue so it seems to be limited to a few people.

  • @UI-JT I live in a condo community that is plagued with poor cell reception especially on the lower floors of the apartment buildings. When we first moved here we would always see people standing out in the rain or snow, out on their balconies or sitting on their window sills trying to get a call through. We were already familiar with WiFi calling features so we spoke to a lot of our neighbors to clue them in if they weren’t already aware. Far fewer people standing in the rain these days. So you can imagine how important the feature is to us. Fortunately we’ve had no issues since activating the Alien.

  • I recently purchased the Alien Amplifi Router and have seen Wifi Calling not work - outgoing calls take 30 seconds to connect before going through, incoming calls are sometimes dropped to the point where i don't even get an alert...reverted to 3G on my phone since i am not going anywhere but this needs to be resolved. Purchase such an expensive router, can't even hit max download on the hard wire for gigabit connections or handle wifi calling on a mobile device.....

  • @abz786 Can you please share what devices you are using for WiFi calling?
    How many WiFi calling devices?
    Who is your ISP?
    Who is your cellphone carrier?

  • @UI-Brett

    iPhone 11 Pro Max
    1 Wifi Calling Device
    Bell Mobility

  • @abz786 Thank you. If you could generate support files after you experience the issue with WiFi calling, this could help us identify a solution as we are still working on this issue and are having a hard time replicating this in our environments.

  • I've been lurking this thread for a couple of months hoping to see a solution to this problem. AT&T iphone 7 plus here with one Amplifi Alien router.

    I'm able to replicate this issue the vast majority of the time. If I go out of wifi range of the router for a few minutes or longer and come back in range OR if I turn off wifi on the phone for a few minutes and turn it back on, wifi calling does not work. Basically when you try to call a number it just hangs at "Calling...." and nothing happens. The other end actually sees the call coming in but hears nothing when they answer. I end up having to turn off wifi on my phone if I need to make a call. Now eventually wifi calling starts working on its own as long as you stay in range of the router and connected to wifi the whole time. I am unsure of the timing but it seems to take about 30 minutes or so before wifi calling will work on its own again.
    I've only seen one other person in this thread describe in detail this same behavior. Wondering if it's the same for the rest of you. I was thinking that perhaps the problem may be related to band steering as that had been an issue on iOS devices years ago. But I tried turning off band steering and still could replicate the problem. Going to try and capture network traffic on my phone to look further.

  • @UI-Brett I don't know when it happens as i just miss calls, then people call me and it finally comes through and they tell me - oh i called you three times, no answer. My phone doesn't show any missed calls or anything.

  • @kurupt Hopefully Brett or one of the others can assist. I also have ATT, iPhone 11 Max Pro, iPHone 7, and my wife’s iPhone XS. Our Alien is connected to a Verizon Fios router which is required for certain tv functions. The Alien is in bridge mode. We have not had any wifi calling issues. We have poor cell reception in our location so without wifi we would have various frequent connection issues.

  • @John-Pappas when it’s placed in bridge mode as far as I could tell n was mentioned to by @iwilliamsj there hasn’t been issues with WiFi calling. When the alien is used as a router then the issues present itself for some strange reason. Others can also mention in their post if they have it in bridge or as a router.

  • @kurupt no i've seen these issues happen to the iPhone X in the house. Especially the needing to turn off the WiFi signal to make an outgoing call. As for is working about 30 mins later... It works but work scattered for different phones... My sons will have it shown on his phone when it's just sitting there & my 11 pro max won't get it at all (even if I place the phone in airplane mode to force it into WiFi Calling) when I need it to call out.

  • I'm testing out Visible cell carrier at my house and I'm noticing that T-Mobile WiFi Calling is working all the time, but Visible drops in and out of WiFi Calling. So maybe it's carrier dependent?

  • This has been happening to my phones for 1-2 years. I always thought it was just a carrier issue, and did not think my router could cause it to happen. Ive read the posts in here, and tried a few things, like QoS, rebooting, but usually I just turn off Wifi when I need to talk on the phone.

    • Amplifi Router HD, no mesh endpoints, 3.4.1
      • Hardware NAT Enabled
      • Automatic Backbone Switching Enabled (I have had mesh endpoints but turned them off)
      • A-MSDU Enabled
      • 802.11k Neighbor Report Enabled
    • Internet Provider: ATT U-Verse 1G
      • Pace 5268AC
      • Modem in IP Passthrough mode so Amplifi gets public ip address
      • DMS Plus (as close as you can get to bridge mode)
    • Cell Provider: Verizon Wireless
    • Phones:
      • iPhones X
      • iPhone 11 Pro

    Going back to work next week, and part of my job requires talking on the phone so I just picked up an ASUS RT-AC5300 to see if the wifi calling issue is fixed with it.

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