WiFi Calling On iPhone's

  • Is upnp enabled by any chance?
    It not it might help?

  • I'm just wondering if you guys have enabled upnp it might help with the issue a being faced.

  • Still having issues with WiFi calling. How has this still not been resolved? I've sent support logs to AmpliFi Support a while ago, unfortunately no resolution on the matter. Has there been more testing or troubleshooting on this issue? There's clearly a bigger issue here

  • @iamaydo We are constantly reviewing support files from users as well as conducting tests in our lab to try and identify this issue. There is data on the carrier side that we do not have access to, when all connections in our support files show successful and complete which is making this issue very difficult to identify. We are also unable to replicate this in lab with most of our tests (latest one using T-Mobile with 5 iOS devices, all connected with incoming and outgoing calls simultaneously)

  • I recently purchased an AmpliFi Alien and have been using it for less than a month along with a new Motorola MB8600 DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem. Before the router and modem swaps, my WiFi calling has been flawless using an all-in-one Netgear C7000. My ISP is Atlantic broadband and my cellular service is Verizon Wireless. Due to poor cellular signals in my neighborhood, I rely on a solid WiFi callling connection for all my in home and work calls. Since the new hardware swap, the WiFi calling has been spotty at best and constantly drops. I thought it might be my phone, an iPhone Xs on iOS 13.6, but seeing on here it sounds like it might be the router.

    I have tried connecting to just the 2.4GHz band as well as just the 5GHz band but same issue. Today I assigned static IPs to the iPhones in the house and created port forwarding for them (500 and 4500 UDP to each static IP). I only have two active phones in the house that depend on WiFi calling but will soon be 3 phones. So far, after implementing the port forwarding, my WiFi calling experience on one phone has been pretty solid. I haven't yet been able to test it with the second phone, let alone two phones at once.

    The Alien firmware is currently at 3.4.0.

    Have there been any other updates as to what this could be?

    Are there any other settings I should look at or configure for the devices that depend on WiFi calling?

  • @Virtual-Mirage
    I did the same thing you did and confirmed my WiFi calling seems pretty solid as well. Not sure why I would have to do this on the Amplifi router but not other routers. Also before doing this, my WiFi calling was working but only after being on my network for 30 to 45 minutes. So if I had just got home, my WiFi calling didn’t work right away. So I didn’t think it was a firewall issue. Pretty strange.

  • I have been having this issue for the last couple weeks. I just get timeouts trying to initiate a call. Sometimes it works sometimes it does not.

  • @dpickard How many phones do you have experiencing these issues? What type of devices are they, iOS or Android?

  • @UI-AmpliFi I am using an iPhone 11 Pro Max running iOS 14 I also have AT&T gigabit fiber. I am not sure my family members use wi-fi calling. I use it because I have been working out of my basement and my Amplifi Alien is in the room next door.

  • I am still having WiFi Calling issues with my iPhones on this router, it is driving me crazy. At least with the port forwarding it seems to at least work part of the time. But I will still get moments were I can be on a 2+ hour call one moment then the next call 30 minutes later I am no longer on WiFi calling and my calls will drop after a few seconds. My cell signal is not strong enough to hold onto a call without WiFi calling. I will then go through the paces of putting the phone in airplane mode or changing WiFi networks, restarting phone, etc. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I was not having this issue before on my older router. It just...worked.

    Has there been any updates or insights as to what could be the problem and how we can resolve it.

  • @Virtual-Mirage Your devices are all iOS that are having issues?

  • @UI-AmpliFi For the WiFi calling issue, yes. An iPhone Xs and an iPhone X are the only phones connected to the network that we receive calls on. The iPhone Xs is the one I have been noticing it the most on since it is the phone that is used the most for calls. It is currently on iOS14 but was on iOS 13.6 when the problem began.

    Monday it had some issues in the morning then started to work fine for the rest of the after disabling and re-enabling the network on the phone. Yesterday it worked fine up until about 5pm before it started to drop calls and become inconsistent again. Resetting the network on the phone wouldn't resolve it, but after restarting the phone it started to work again and as of this morning it is continuing to work fine.

  • @Virtual-Mirage Thank you for this information! If it begins to drop calls again please send me a support file so I can investigate this with our developers further!

  • @UI-AmpliFi I've never had to submit a support file before, I'm new to this platform. Is it just via the Support Info section under Settings within the iOS AmpliFi app?

  • @Virtual-Mirage Correct! Sorry I should have given you the instructions! Here is a link for further steps: https://help.amplifi.com/hc/en-us/articles/360033122174-Downloading-Support-Information-

  • If anyone else has this same issue please send us support files and PM me your email so I can find them! Thanks!

  • Looks like my problem popped up again. I went ahead and submitted a support file and PM'd you.

  • @UI-AmpliFi Sent you a PM and sent my Support Info file via email. I am also seeing this issue--it appears to affect sending SMS messages via Wi-Fi and not just calling. I am on AT&T and am seeing it on two different iPhone 11 Pro Max devices.

  • So after messing around with old and new firmware for both iPhone and the Alien. I have got WiFi Calling stable and working. Using 14.0.1 iOS and 3.4.1 on my Alien router currently. Net Net - you must use Port Forwarding. The UDP Ports and TCP ports that your Cell company utilizes is easily found via a Google search. Yes, it a manual process but it works. I am stable again and it has been for 48hrs with this configuration. I have At&t and Verizon services and works with both.

  • So it looks like I may have my port forwarding misconfigured according to support since I have multiple devices port forwarding over 500 and 4500 (the ports needed for Verizon Wireless WiFi Calling). So my questions are:

    How would I configure the port forwarding for multiple phones then if they all need access to ports 500 and 4500?

    Do I change the source port for one of the devices to something like 501 and 4501 and leave the destination port the same at 500 and 4500? Is it vice-versa?

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