To bridge or not to bridge

  • Hi guys,

    I've been struggling with the idea on the setup of my Amplifi HD in my home. Would really like your opinion on how you would install the devices.

    My apartment has 3 floors. the first floor is just small hallway with the front door. There's a closet where the internet cable comes in. The provider modem is there as well. Apart from that there's nothing on that floor and a stair will lead you up directly to the living area on the second floor. This is where the connection should be good. Here I have my living room, kitchen and two bedrooms. The highest, third, floor is my roof terrace outside. Good connection needed there as well.

    The modem on the first floor has 4 ports that run cables inside the walls to each room upstairs. Currently this modem is the DHCP server. In my living room I have an Amplifi HD connected with ethernet. With the help of two mesh points I have good connection in my bedroom and roof terrace.

    However the Amplifi HD is set to bridge mode since the modem on the first floor is already handing out ip addresses. It's a shitty modem btw that doesn't have a bridge mode feature.

    Should I replace that modem downstairs? Or should I just disable bridge mode on my Amplifi to make full use of all the features? Curious what you guys think.

    Note: with the current setup I have 1 big network in my house and good connectivity everywhere. Only downside is that the Amplifi HD runs in bridge mode and therefore am missing out on some features. Thanks a million.

  • @Mark-Molina If you keep AmpliFi in Bridge mode, you have the ability to place the AmpliFi router anywhere in the home, because you have ethernet in the walls which most homes do not have. This is only possible, because you have another router serving DHCP next to the modem.

    I would leave it this way and just disable the wireless from your modem/router combo device, OR you could place the modem/router combo device into bridge mode, move the HD router to that location to server as the DHCP and then the entire network would be managed by AmpliFi, and you could then still utilize the Ethernet in your house by adding additional HD stand alone routers as needed throughout the house.

    Each option really depends on how you are satisfied with the overall connection, speed and management abilities of your current setup. If everything is working, and working well, why change anything (Except disabling the WiFi from the modem/router combo, that will help reduce interference greatly and should be done if you leave your setup the way it is).

  • Thanks for the reply @UI-Brett .

    My modem / router doesn’t support bridge mode unfortunately so replacing it with another device is the only option I guess.

    I’d like to make use of the full functionality of the amplifi HD I guess which is not possible I. Bridge mode.

  • @Mark-Molina said in To bridge or not to bridge:

    My modem / router doesn’t support bridge mode

    Some times this is a limitation put in place by your ISP because of the services they offer in which their equipment being the primary is needed. Before searching for a replacement modem, be sure to check with your ISP to confirm what is compatible with your service.

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