Question about how the router communicates with the mesh points.

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    The internet in this house comes into the basement, where I have my Home Hub 3K from Bell. I don't have any choice in placement, it's fiber directly to the node. If I buy the Amplifi HD kit with the two mesh points, how does the signal get to the mesh points? I have Cat6 through the walls to most of the rooms, up until now I have had a switch behind the playroom TV and a Unifi LR high up on the wall. The Home Hub serves wifi to the basement, the LR to the rest of the house. It works OK, but there are spots between the two where there seems to be interference when the device can't pick an Access Point. I've tried changing channels, different options, but I can't seem to make it work seamlessly.

    The problem I have is that a signal from the basement has to travel through the foundation and then up through ground to reach the playroom. That's why I originally added the LR, wifi reception in the back room was very weak. So if I replace what I have now with the Amplifi Router and 2 mesh points, won't I have the same problem if I plug in a mesh point in that back room? I don't think the mesh points accept ethernet inputs, which would have been my preferred method. Then I could simply plug it directly into the switch.


    EDIT : I realize the above might be hard to visualise, hopefully this will make it clearer.

    Sec Floor |
    First Floor | Playroom
    Basement |

    The playroom is an addition with no second floor over it, and no basement under it. Signals emanating from the basement had difficulty getting to the playroom. I added an LR in the playroom, and that made things much better. I still have odd kind-of dead spots between the LR and the 3K, but those should all go away if I move to mesh.

  • @Pete999Tete said in Question about how the router communicates with the mesh points.:

    I have Cat6 through the walls to most of the rooms

    Since you have this as an option and most homes don't, instead of purchasing the HD kit, I would purchase multiple HD stand alone routers and mesh them via Ethernet Backhaul. The Meshpoints can only connect wirelessly, but additional HD routers can be added as Meshpoints, we call them RAMPS or router as a meshpoint.

  • @UI-Brett
    Thanks Brett. I’ve spent the last two days watching YouTube videos on Ubnt products. I already own an LR mounted near the ceiling in the playroom. I think all I need now is a mesh AP. The UAP-AP-M seems to fit the bill nicely. It has an Ethernet port and comes with a PoE injector. I could plug it into a Cat6 backhaul port in the front room, and join it seamlessly to the LR. That is much cheaper than the Amplifi kit and allows me to continue to make use of my existing hardware.

  • @Pete999Tete
    Another day, and a few more videos. 🙂 I am back to thinking you have the best solution. But I do have one question; does the HD router used as a mesh Access Point have the same range (or better) than the UAP-AP-M ? What I think I will do is get the Amplifi HD (if they are ever back in stock), and put that in my office on the main floor. That should serve the front of the house and clear up any dead spots, plus I can take advantage of the 4-port switch built into the router.

    I will have the Bell 3K Router with fibre-to-the-node, and from it Cat6 to my office, and then the Amplifi HD as my Access Point for the front of the house. The LR can stay where it is in the back playroom and continue to serve the back half of the house. I might even turn the wifi off on the Bell router if the LR + HD between them can serve the entire house will 3 bars.


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