Improve devices view (iOS)

  • In the iOS app the devices page/ tab lists things in alphabetical order, which is fine as the default.

    However, it would be very useful to have a live/ recent view of bandwidth per device and an option to order by usage. They might ping up and down a bit, you could add some lag, but that would be very useful to see what’s using bandwidth.

    Also, the Ethernet connected devices don’t have a bandwidth usage view, which means there is a gap. E.g. I could see 40mb down on the router, but no usage in devices because it was my Ethernet connected NAS.

  • @alastc said in Improve devices view (iOS):

    that would be very useful to see what’s using bandwidth

    I agree with this, however AmpliFi does not track any usage or statistics on individual devices (data privacy as a primary goal) So that would make this feature very difficult to implement. The stats you see in the app are live, so if they organized by that data statistic they would be bouncing all over the place!

  • Hi there,

    The privacy point is a little odd when all the devices are mine or my families, but I guess you can't take that into account, .

    For the 'bouncing', I used to have the Google wifi which does have that feature (one of the few things I miss about it). I think it just uses a bit of lag, updating every 3 seconds(ish), so that anything which changes quickly doesn't actually move.

    Anything that bursts for a second or two doesn't change the order, even though the numbers change for a second. It is only when something sustains a change that the order changes.

    Thanks for you consideration.

  • @UI-Brett Could you clarify why this is a privacy issue? It would seem to me that the data would be stored locally on the router. Also, you currently have real time control. How is that different? The hardware is owned by the customer and we should be able to control this. However, I agree with you if this information would be stored on the cloud. This is one of major reasons I would never ever buy a Google nest wifi (you need a google account in order to use it).

    With increased ISPs using data caps, it seems to me that this featured should be compulsory for all routers.

  • @hucmuc The suggestion for this feature was added to our request lists, and I absolutely understand the desire for this. The request for bandwidth monitoring/limiting has been requested before as well and all things are still being considered so I will include your vote for these requests.

  • Thanks Brett. I would buy this router in a heart beat if it had the monthly reporting detailing per device (even if it just gave details for the past 2 months).

    I currently have a hacked router with DD-WRT. I use YAMON on top of ( and is extremely nice and useful. My router is old and doesn't have the best performance so I am currently looking for a new router.

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