Slower Wifi than wired

  • So I know that wifi is going to have slower speeds than wired but I want to know if my issue is normal. I have the amplifi hd mesh system and when I have my desktop wired I have 600+mbps usually in the higher end close to 700mbps. when I switch to wifi on the same desktop it drops to 280-380mbps. That is a big drop or is that normal? By the way the desktop is literally 2 feet from the HD Router. This is the same situation with my iPhone xs max at less than 1 foot away it can never get close to the 600mbps always between 280-380mbps. I can confirm that when the devices are on wifi they are only connecting to the main HD router and not any of the meshpoints. wifi is on the 5ghz band. Thank you and any comments, ideas are appreciated. Thanks

  • The router itself is only 2x2 MIMO if I recall correctly, and depending on the client, speed could be pretty abysmal even when in close proximity to the access point.

    You should check and see if hardware acceleration and A-MSDU are enabled.

    That said, I doubt any device with 2x2 spatial streams will reach higher speeds, especially if the AP isn't above that.

  • @Lawliet-Keffor said in Slower Wifi than wired:

    The router itself is only 2x2 MIMO

    You are correct for the AmpliFi Instant. If it is the AmpliFi HD router, it is 3x3 MIMO.

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