Firmware 3.3.0 breaks Ethernet ports

  • Upgraded firmware to 3.3.0 on AmplifiHD, Instant and Meshpoint. Discovered that devices connected via Ethernet using AmplifiHD router were no longer connected and showed the "no internet connection" graphic on the LCD panel.

    Completely reset the entire network (3 AmplfiHDs [1 Router, 2 Mesh w/ethernet backhaul], 1 Instant [ethernet backhaul] and 1 standalone mesh point) pulling one of the AmplifiHDs used as a mesh and reset to make it the router. Reset remaining Amplifi devices and re-established the network. Ethernet ports worked briefly then stopped working so not a hardware problem.

    Worked with support 3 times and finally rolled back to previous firmware version 3.1.9 on all devices. All ethernet ports functioning normally.

    This is a bug in Firmware version 3.3.0. The network was normal until the update to 3.3.0, then ethernet ports stopped working. Swapping HDs acting as the Router resulted in the same issue (not a hardware problem) and rolling back firmware corrected the problem. Network and all devices are operating normally with 3.1.9.

  • @Charles-Grimes This seems similar to my issue, although only my ethernet port #4 is dead at the moment. Did all of your ports die?

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