Alien Companion Unit

  • Wondering if they will release a stand alone unit (just like the one in the alien mesh kit) for people to buy that will compliment the alien we already own to create a mesh network, instead of buying another alien, and affordably 🤞

  • Yeah, agreed, that would be great. I was pretty early to the Alien party so now I'm itching to get a mesh unit!

  • @Steven-Tellman me too!

  • I'm sure they will eventually. They are having an extremely difficult time having any stock to sell the current configurations. I don't see them adding a separate mesh unit to the mix until they can stock everything effectively.

  • @Lenny-Rossi At this time, there is no plan to make the Alien mesh point from the Alien kit, in a stand alone version (Just like the AmpliFi Instant mesh point)

    The reason for this, is the Alien router and Alien mesh point are almost identical. The only aspects missing from the Meshpoint is the LCD screen, and the 4 port ethernet switch on the back.

    At this time, if you are wanting or needing a Meshpoint, you will need to invest in a second Alien router and add it as a meshpoint

  • @UI-Brett The lack of a LCD and ethernet switch translate to a cost savings? Even $100 is a difference worth noting. Just throwing that out there!

  • Hi @UI-Brett - I believe the Alien MeshPoint in the kit also doesn’t have Bluetooth either since it is hard coded to the main router?

    And for this reason you couldn’t sell them “as is” individually even if you wanted to?

  • @MichaelE said in Alien Companion Unit:

    The lack of a LCD and ethernet switch translate to a cost savings? Even $100 is a difference worth noting. Just throwing that out there!

    Would gladly give up the LCD on Alien for a cost savings and/or trade for faster WAN/LAN ports

    Here is to hoping they get a WiFi-6E version of the Dream Machine done right

  • @Derek-Saville that would be pretty harsh for all the 6noE buyers lol

  • Hi @MichaelE - agreed, but I think the 6 GHz spectrum greenfield AX deployment will primarily benefit wireless backhaul in the short term

    I primarily chose the Alien over the UDM for continued Teleport use, although the Alien having WiFi-6 was a plus since I have a couple AX clients

    But if a WiFi-6E version of the UDM ever exists and gets WireGuard well implemented then that would be enough to for me to move

  • @Derek-Saville I have been considering the current udm editions but I like what Amplifi is but I also want more visibility and cli lol. The current udm isn't for me but maybe a 6E will be.

    Spec released, spectrum opened, alpha, beta, retail.... I can see it being 12mo out though.

    What's wrong with having a rpi host your wg?

  • What's wrong with having a rpi host your wg?

    Hi @MichaelE - for me it would be fine, but I very informally help a lot of other expats set up similar solutions and I try to keep it as simple as possible to avoid "support engineer" becoming a second job

  • Out of curiosity - do many of the existing 802.11ax devices support the extended frequency ranges offered by Wifi 6E? Or is this simply to ensure you guys are future-proofed for a couple more years?

  • Hi @Derek-S - there is some good discussion on the topic over at SmallNetBuilder...

    It looks like most all of the current 802.11ax devices cannot support the 6GHz range, and the few that theoretically could, are unlikely to be re-certified

    Broadcom is saying late 2020 or early 2021 is possible for 6E devices, but the virus situation may cause some delays to those timelines

    For me personally it is about having clear spectrum for effective wireless backhaul, even on meshes without dedicated backhaul radios like AmpliFi, and then some future proofing

    I purchased some Aliens when they launched primarily as a Teleport upgrade, but at this point, I will hold off until WiFi-6E product lines become more clear...

  • Thanks for the additional info - much appreciated!

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