Is adblocker useless?

  • Hey! I am user of Amplifi HD router, and I am really confused with it's software, but it does it's job well, so I don't care.
    I wanna discuss one thing. When I have seen, that you are adding an ablocker into frimware, I was really happy, and imediatly updated FW of my router and ticked adblocker in the settings.

    But... Nothing is changed. My android phones and smart TVs are still showing YouTube adverts, webpage adverts, Samsung TV shows it's adds and also has a YouTube adverts. So, the effect was not as much as 0, especially while compairing with DNS ADBlock script which I had in my Mikrotik.

    So, I want to find out - what is this adblock actually blocks? I can be 100% sure that it allows Google Admob, Yandex Direct, e.t.c. Or is it oriented on a USA part of internet, and it's efficiency for european users is limited?
    Okay, if you are not blocking Google Adverts, then what is the purpose of this thing? On my opinion, such expensive hardware should include virus protection, not even a ad blocker, which is just a tick in the settings. 😫

    Please, let us configure it if you are not able to prepare block lists by yourself. BTW, your firewall is a joke too, why can't I block a dedicated IP addresses which I really want to block?


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