Issues with Ring Doorbell 2 Live view

  • Is anyone having connection issues with ring doorbell 2 Live View with the Alien? I have 3 aliens router connected via Ethernet backhaul as mesh setup. Don’t remember any issues before latest firmware 3.3.1 but not sure. I also enabled 802.11k but that shouldn’t have any effect on non-roaming devices, right? Live view seems be sporadic with connection but doorbell works fine even if live view has no connection suggesting the ring is connected to WiFi network. Any advice would be appreciated.

  • Sorry, meant to say I recently enable 802.11r (not k).

  • In case it helps anyone else: disabling the 802.11r seems to have fix the problem with the Ring Doorbell 2 Live view.

  • @tonytrung Thanks for the update!

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