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  • I currently have a an Amplifi HD standalone with two Meshpoints. Currently, the HD uses a MiFi as it's WAN connection. So, the HD is setup as a MeshPoint broadcasting a specific SSID and the other mesh points connect to the HD. The HD is in the middle of my house right now and each mesh point on opposite ends of the house. Signals are all really good considering how it' cobbled together. Because of the construction of my house one mesh point in the garage where my Gym is. Is a poor signal.

    Once I connect DSL to the house I will droop the Mifi. My central wiring drop is on the side of the house with weaker signals and is in a closet. The HD is located where the better signals are needed.

    I wanted to just use the DSL modem and not have it handle routing and use the HD instead. However, I. only pulled one cable to the spot the HD ends up working best in. So, I can either:

    • Try to pull another cable to the HD location

    • Get another HD and put it in the wiring spot and do DSL Modem <---> HD WAN port, HD LAN port <-----> 8 port unifi switch ----> ethernet backhaul <------ HD

    another option I was thinking was using an instant in the wiring closet. My thinking was, I mostly want the router function there. Stronger WiFi is not crucial.

    DSL Modem <---> Instant WAN port, Instant LAN port <-----> 8 port unifi switch ----> ethernet backhaul <------ HD

    In both cases I would connect the Meshpoint on that end of the house to that HD or Instant as it likely would improve its signal.

    Thanks in advance for any input

  • @wponder said in Home Network design input:

    DSL Modem <---> HD WAN port, HD LAN port <-----> 8 port unifi switch ----> ethernet backhaul <------ HD

    This would be the ideal configuration, but for overall performance, I would still suggest keeping an HD as the primary router, since it will have greater processing power than the Instant system which will impact the overall performance, not just wireless speeds.

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