Spectrum Issues with Wifi Speeds/ Best Practices

  • I upgraded my plan to spectrum 400mbps. They sent me a new modem and this is where the issues began. As you already know, spectrum and amplifi are not on good terms in the sense of compatibility and download speeds.

    I'm currently getting about 70mpbs when I should be getting 400mbps. The modem is pumping out the 400mbps when connected directly to my laptop.

    Modem: Ubee e31t2v1, docsis 3.1 emta

    I was told by an amplifi rep to simply buy another router in order to run it with amplifi via bridge mode.

    Here's where I'm turning to the community to get some best practices with people who've had success using spectrum and amplifi.

    1. If I go the "bridge mode" route. What's a good router to buy to get the job done. I don't want spend too much money if I don't have to.

    2. Is there a spectrum modem that doesn't have any issues with amplifi? If so, what's the make and model so I can just contact spectrum and tell them to send me one.

    P.S. I tried a few things in the other treads: rebooting, activating IPV6, Hardware NAT and nothing seems to work.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Have you tried cloning the MAC ID/Address from your laptop into the Amplifi’s internet settings?

    If not, try that by finding your laptops Ethernet/Wired MAC ID/Address. It looks like six groups of two digits/characters separated by colons, (XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX). Take that number/letter combination and copy it into Amplifi’s Internet settings under Clone MAC Address. Reboot the Amplifi afterwards and let it settle after it’s back up and running. And then try running a speed test and see where it’s at.

  • @Tony-Penev I tried and Amplifi kicked me out completely. I had to reset amplifi router and set up my wifi network again.

  • No suggestions in terms of routers that work well in bridge mode with spectrum and amplifi?

  • @Saas-Lo that’s not normal behavior. Can you try it again with completely factory resetting your new Spectrum modem they gave you and your Amplifi system and setting up from scratch with MAC address cloning again.

    Honestly you don’t want to use another router in between the modem and Amplifi. It’s just such a headache with the chance for double NAT and not to mention adding latency with the extra equipment.

  • @Tony-Penev When I called amplifi, they told me they were aware of the issues with spectrum. I guess I'll call back and ask what cheap router will do the trick. Otherwise I'll be putting up my two HD mesh systems for sale on ebay.

  • @Saas-Lo In my experience, the combo devices provided my spectrum work well in conjunction with AmpliFi. You would disable the wireless broadcast from their equipment, and place AmpliFi in bridge mode.

    Other users have found success in using products like the Edge Router X, which does not incorporate any wireless capabilities and give you more advanced enterprise level configurations if desired.

  • @Saas-Lo I have the same plan but with an Arris DOCSIS, 3.0 modem and have not had any speed problems. I wonder if the problem is being caused by your DOCSIS 3.1 modem?

    I remember reading somewhere that some people were having problems with 3.1 modems in certain environments.

  • I went to spectrum and i have a Sagemcom router from them. I how do i set up the bridge option with amplifi?

    If i can get step by step instructions that would be great. I can log in to the spectrum router options as the admin, I'm just not sure what to enable or disable on the interface.

    Also, how do i plug the amplif and spectrum router? from spectrum use the ethernet port to the internet port on the amplifi?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • @Saas-Lo Here are the instructions for Bridge Mode.
    When connecting the AmpliFi router to your Spectrum router, you will want ethernet from any LAN port on spectrum to the WAN port on AmpliFi.

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