AMPLIFI HD mesh points drop in Internet speed

  • Hi everyone.

    I was wondering if anyone can help me. I have a AMPLIFI HD router with 3 mesh points. I use the mesh points wireless and they are not connected via cable to main router. My house is double story and there is to much concrete to go through to have the mesh points wired up. My question is, I have a 100mb fibre line (I live in South Africa and this is the fastest home speed I can get my hands on) and when I run a speed test from the router I am achieving pretty close to those speeds wirelessly, but when I try the speed test from my mesh points I’m getting about 30mb speed. All the mesh points are around -60 dBm and they all indicate full bars on the mesh itself. On the app it states average. But I did read that -60 dBm is good. Why do I get such a big drop in speed? Am I missing a setting or something? I have been plying around with all the settings and I still get the same speed. I even did a network scan to check which channel is best and changed it to channel 11 on the 2.4ghz.

    Any help with increasing my speed to the mesh points would be greatly appreciated. I’m running 3.1.2 firmware because I tried 3.3.0 and it is to unstable at the moment. My mesh points keep disconnecting and it’s upsetting me (many people are experiencing this problem so I’ve decided to keep it here until a fix)

    Any help with my problem would be greatly appreciated.


  • I am also having the same issues with my HD Gamers Edition. Very frustrating.

  • @Tony-Penev

    The more I research the more it makes sense to me that because the AMPLIFI hd is WiFi 5 that is what the issue is. It can’t carry that much speed. I could be wrong but one of the YouTube vídeos I watched the guy upgraded to the new alien with WiFi 6 and the Internet speed jumped up dramatically. But who knows. That y I asked the question here.

  • @Nico-Christodoulakis I wouldn’t agree with that. My Amplifi HD Gamers Edition and regular HD connected as a meshpoint via wireless backhaul worked perfect. I averaged 100~120 mbps up/down on meshpoint connected wireless devices, and 300~500 mbps connected to main unit router wirelessly. Wi-Fi 5 works great but lately it’s been a crapshoot trying to troubleshoot and figure out what’s going on. I have not moved any of the Amplifi units it’s been all firmware updates and app software updates that have been occurring.

    The Alien is nice but you have to understand if you are using Wi-Fi 5 devices with the Alien you are not going to see faster throughput. The Alien should however backhaul mesh better and process network traffic better with that new CPU. So the network should be more stable, in your case I would check with wireless interference around you. I did the same to see what wireless channels my neighbor were using so I could avoid those congested ones.

  • Look I can’t agree more... I think the firmware update from Ubiqity side is shocking. One update is stable and the other isn’t. 3.3.0 is terrible. So many people complain that their mesh points automatically disconnect. Y can’t they bring an update that works. Full capability! I don’t think I would buy another one of their products even though they supposed to be one of the best, their firmware updates are way to unstable.

    I just want what I paid for. Good reliable WiFi. On the box it states that the router can cover up to 3000 foot. That’s a load of BS. My property is around that size and my house is a third of that and I need 3 mesh points to go with my router just to have internet in the house and alittle outside. I understand concrete and all that but dam, I would expect a hell of a lot more coverage and speed. My netgear old school router with a WiFi booster covered more in my house and was faster and more reliable. I just love how seamless mesh is. That’s y I went for this. But I’m just getting annoyed now. Sorry this is alittle rant but I just want these problems fixed with an update that works. It’s not to much to ask. 3.3.0 is a complete fail.

    Every time there is an update I hope that this will sort out all my problems and give me what I desire out of this but unfortunately that never happens.

    I already check what channel and the best one is 11 for 2.4g. 5gh in my house is just to week for where I put the mesh points. Every time I try and change to 5ghz the signal gets to week. So I don’t know what to do. I have to run everything wirelessly. My house is setup for WiFi.

    Any ways if there is anyone that can tell me something I don’t know or point me in the direction To fix this then please let me know.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Nico-Christodoulakis I totally understand the rant, I’ve been in the same boat with Netgear. My first rodeo with “mesh networking” was the Orbi system and that was a complete NIGHTMARE. They have the absolute WORST firmware development and support hands down, trust me from my countless hours. I got baited by the “specs” of the Orbi being the “best” and “fastest” mesh system on the market. What a crock of shit that was, the MOST unstable system I’ve ever dealt with in my life. So much so that I got rid of it less than a year and sold EVERYTHING Netgear I owned and will never use their products again. Afterwards I moved to Velop and finally came to Amplifi.

    To be honest Amplifi seems to care the most and listen to their customers via these forums. They did have the best firmware and stability when I first got it. Hopefully they will fix and be better at screening what firmware gets released to the masses. Jumping to another mesh system is not the best option because they might start out great but as you can see it just takes one bad firmware release to undo everything and make a product frustrating and unusable.

    The 30,000 ft. rating you see for the HD is theoretical. EVERY company advertises like that, it’s “perfect world” demonstration with minimal if not any walls or obstructions. No one lives in a house without walls or rooms so take it with a grain of salt. But in your case can you rollback your firmware to 3.1.2? If so, factory reset your system and set it up from scratch again and move the meshpoints to an area that makes them usable for the time being.

    And I would definitely try the Alien for better wireless mesh backhaul. Like I said, I’m in the same boat as you. My home layout forces me to rely on wireless mostly. And with the Alien I know I would get better wireless backhaul but it’s just an issue of Ubiquiti getting them in stock. There is such a demand and with COVID going on I don’t understand why they wouldn’t switch to other manufacturers other than China! I hate it when companies heavily rely on China to maximize profits. Putting your “eggs in one basket” like this loses you money/customers waiting on stock and end up moving on.

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