Do not trust built in Speed Test

  • , speed test from the device shows 150mbs connect with a gig port device shows actual speed. Lesson learned from calling internet provider out to complain about not getting the speeds I paid for only to be shown that the device does not represent factual speed test 500 mb. This was confirmed from tech support. “Speed test are inaccurate” Seriously disappointed with the purchase and the quality of the user interface and features.

  • I've tested the built in speed test against and All have come back with similar results.

    That said I am on an Amplifi Alien. I had the HD mesh router 6 months ago and it was garbage so I returned it.

  • @John-A-0 It is well documented that this feature is under construction. We are constantly working to improve the user experience and hope to soon get the speed tests to an accurate place.

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