Do not trust built in Speed Test

  • @UI-AmpliFi I'm afraid I cannot find a PM / DM feature or option.

  • @Robinlmp I think the issue is that people less technical will see these results and not understand how to troubleshoot it, call out their cable, internet provider and create a service call, waste everyone's time only to find out that this is not a accurate feature. Most of us will except a degree of accuracy but when you consistency hear I'm running 500mb and getting a 100 result that is way too far off to be useful. While you continue to justify or ask for support files, ect just note this is not isolated to 1 person, this clearly is a feature issue with the app that is embedded in the Wifi unit. For the cost of this everyone here has an expectation that they paid a premium and expects quality.

  • @John-A-0 This feature is something we are working on and understand its importance to customers. Thank you for reporting and your patience.

  • @UI-AmpliFi I think another user has hit the nail on the head with this. The solution is already more than half done. The Apply App does do speed test both Internet and Local Speed Test. This test is not available on Android, Web or via the Panel. That would probably clarify many questions. Additionally, you will find suggestions posted in the suggestion area, which would assist the customer in the optimal configuration at initial setup. Those things, as well as using an appropriate calibration routine, so there is 100% confidence the reports speeds are accurate would go a long way to resolve this. There is simply no way to assure what a third party test platform will report, as there are too many variables between the Cable Modem and the Destination. This is nice to know information, however knowing with a degree of certainty that the modem speed to user is will certainly help as well.

  • Is ubiquiti planning to fix this at all. If so when? I figured this out the same hard way as other users. On my Alien’s screen, the speed test has been all but wrong for isp speeds above 600 mbps. I have found that for isp speeds less then 600, this speed test has been consistent and has given the same result as However for speeds above 600, it’s grossly wrong. I tested this over a gig speed from Comcast and the alien’s up reported nothing more than 500. Same with the iOS app. Had a long debugging session with Comcast and ubiquiti folks to find that this feature can’t be relied upon.
    Since Amplifi is selling this a router supporting gig speeds, is it too much to ask this feature to be completely working as expected?

  • @bibhu1503 Evidently they are not, but while the built built in tests are not accurate, the actual performance on my 1gb down/40mb up do actually perform up to standards, which is more important to me. I'm not sure what the problem is, but more than likely there's too small of a pool of test machines to serve the number of units out there. Even all the online test systems delivery inconsistent results, likely for the same reason.

  • @unseenone I agree to your reasoning. May be the machines at the other end are not able to saturate a high bandwidth. The Alien performs at the gig spec. However, this built-in speed test feature comes in handy while debugging speed issues with ISPs. so at times, it gives a wrong impression.
    I have a 800 down/15 up plan. Tests on can saturate that. For fun, i ran the 2 speed tests simultaneously - one on through my iPhone and another directly through the Alien screen. With this, the Alien was able to record 780/20 out of my 800/15 line which is in line with the expectation. May be thats the way to saturate the bandwidth.

  • A couple of things to bear in mind. Assume that your total possible bandwidth is 940 (1Gpbs) or, in your case, 800Mbps. When you run your test, you also should deduct any bandwidth currently being consumed. If you are getting 780 to 800, It should pretty good to me. I have the Gig (actually 1.2 Gbps) provisioned on my UDMP. But the limit still is the Alien at 940. I think the best speed I have seen on my WiFi 6, during my own testing was about 860, with some bandwidth always being consumed by other devices. I find it acceptable, once the system (Alien) gets the kinks out, and the 160 Service Reliable. You also need to factor in all sorts of other stuff, like other WiFI in the area, etc. that can also cause some performance losses. I'm hoping they can work out the tests someday, but all in all the performance is good according to me. Also, quite reliable on the public releases.. Best I have seen for any money. Here's my speedtesting history, on WiFi, as you can see, little by little it is getting better.


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