HP printer problem

  • Hi Guys!

    Please help me if you can!:

    I purchased an Amplifi HD and connected a hp 1320 laserjet printer via Ethernet to it.
    I can connect to the printer with my mobile phone browser –and print, test pages- trough WIFI (which connects to the Amplifi HD), but the problem is:

    I can’t connect to the printer with my desktop(windows,ethernet).
    To have a better picture

    The Amplifi HD and the desktop are connected directly to ISP’s router modem combo via Ethernet(separate)
    There is no bridge mode setup for any of these.
    I set static lese to the printer via app.
    And forwarded a port IP address: static lese; source port 9100; dest port 9100; TCP and UDP.
    So if you have any solution please help me, if you need any more information please ask.
    Thank you for your time!


  • @locspocs I have an HP m227fdw and my desktop connected the same way (without a static lease, etc) and have not had any problems. Try removing the lease, etc and see if you can then print.

  • @locspocs said in HP printer problem:

    There is no bridge mode setup for any of these

    This could be your culprit. If your printer is hardwired into your ISP modem router combo, and your devices like laptops, desktops or mobile phones are connected to the AmpliFi network, they will not be able to communicate with each other (without enabling bridge mode)

  • @UI-Brett
    Surely if the printer is connected to the ethernet port on the Amplifi router it will be part of the same network? If I enable bridge mode it screws up the whole wifi network.

  • @skibum That is true, if your devices are connected to the AmpliFi Wi-Fi as well. In some scenarios, if the modem/router combo produces the same credentials as the AmpliFi router and your device selects the modem/router for a connection, then no they would not be on the same network.

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