Night mode causes display error after three days

  • If I enable night mode it works as intended for the first three days, the device LED and LCD turn off at 22:00 and wake back up at 8:00.

    Here is the issue: On day three the device LED wakes back up and the backlight on the LCD turns back on but there's no display, just an illuminated black screen. Soft rebooting the device and toggling settings do not resolve this issue. The only resolution is to hard reboot the device by pulling the power plug. I opened a support ticket for this and it was suggested that I turn night mode off then see what happens, the device display stays alive longer than three days, everything works but where it gets weird is if I enabled night mode on the 3rd, 4th, 5th day (even during the day when night mode should have no effect) it kills the display like I said above and I have to do a hard reboot.

    Does anyone else have this issue? If so is there a fix? If not could I RMA this for another unit?

    I sent two troubleshooting logs over with my ticket but I do not want to post here as I do not know how much personal information is in them ticket # 224460 if anyone is interested.

  • Hi, I have two Alien routers, and one of them has been experiencing this exact same problem for a long time. Been too lazy to come here looking for a solution until now, and saw this post. It does seem like this is a software glitch since eventually the display will start working again after a power reset? The router is on the other end of the "mesh" if it matters. Not wired.

    Any ideas?


  • @Robbie-Foust

    RMA after a back and forth with tech support. No solution was ever found for the unit with the issue.

  • @Chuck-Riedel Did the replacement fix the problem? Guess I'll go down that route as well. Thanks for the reply!


  • @Robbie-Foust

    Still waiting for the replacement to come. I'll gripe here some more if the 2nd one has the same issue.

  • By the way, I don't think I realized it, but since you mentioned it, it does seem to work for about 3 days until the display goes dark.

  • Hi @Chuck-Riedel - which firmware release are you on?

    I have noticed that the "Firmware Update Available" screen on the LCD can be problematic on my Aliens, similar to what you describe...seems like the backlight is turned off and the screen may not be properly aligned

    If you can see a very faint "Dismiss" button toward the bottom (shine a flashlight on it at an angle) and I hit that, then my screen returns to normal

    But don't hit "Install" or you will get the update even if you were waiting since v3.3.1 has caused issues for some people

  • @Derek-Saville

    Mine it appears as though the backlight on the LCD is staying on but there's no image making it to the display. I did the shining a flashlight around at different angles and could not see any prompts.

    Sadly no amount of poking around on the display wakes it, nor does a soft reboot.

    here's a pic of what I see (well what I don't see I guess).


  • Hi @Chuck-Riedel - strange, that's the exact opposite for me

    Are you on the latest firmware or is there an update available notice in the app?

    You might want to send @UI-Karlis and @UI-Brett a message to ask what might be causing it

    The latest beta firmware has a full redesign of the LCD display, but I wouldn't install that just to see if it cures this issue

    What happens if you leave Night Mode turned off?

    Does the screens till disappear after 3 days?

    When under Night Mode, is the backlight off?

    And under Night Mode, if you touch the screen or open the AmpliFi app, does the LCD turn on/or display anything?

  • @Derek-Saville

    What happens if you leave Night Mode turned off? Same thing. The display decides to go blank after 3 days. Their are outliers however, sometimes it will blank itself in as little as a day, once I got "lucky" and it made it 5 days.

    When under Night Mode, is the backlight off? Yes, both the backlight on the LCD and the LED respect night mode.

    I'm currently on 3.3.1, the unit has done this since I've had it and i've gone through 3 firmware releases now. I'm going to wait for the RMA then we'll see if it's still an issue.

  • @Chuck-Riedel, @Robbie-Foust If you could please send me support info file. I provided my email address in a direct message. Thanks!

  • @Chuck-Riedel Yep mine is the same way, the backlight is on but nothing is displayed.

  • 0_1588768243512_E584D1EE-C7C7-4721-9C12-576EB6B6B9D9.jpeg

  • @Robbie-Foust thank you for confirming the fact that I'm not crazy.

    @UI-Karlis a dm with the log has been sent.

  • Quick update, just updated to 3.4.0rc1 and it brought the display back to life without power cycling it. I'll let ya know if/when it decides to go dark again. Would be nice if some code refactoring w/ the new display fixed something but I won't know for a few days.

  • Screen stopped working this morning. Oh well, guess I’ll throw in the towel and rma it.

  • @Robbie-Foust Can you send me a pm.

  • @UI-JT pm sent. Here are images of it if it helps. I have the brightness all the way up in the app.
    1_1588872602435_5E9D37BD-297C-4EBB-8E43-5B7CE65B7366.jpeg 0_1588872602434_A223EF0A-771F-43F7-87E7-B211DE18CBDC.jpeg

  • @Robbie-Foust

    I am having this exact issue as well but now starting to experiencing random disconnects. I power cycled the modem and it works fine for a while then starts acting up again.
    I have the latest firmware as well and installed it when it came out but this just started happening. I hope its a software issue.

  • @PmedicJ dm UI-JT and/or UI-Karlis, both helped me with my situation.

    My replacement unit came last night so I've fired it up and I'm hopeful this one won't have the same issue.

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