Steer mesh points to each other

  • Hi, Do you think you could add functionality to be able to point one mesh point to another. One of mine keeps connecting to the main router with a weak signal and I have to reboot several times before it connects to the intermediate mesh point with a good signal. I would love to be able to force it to connect to the mesh point rather than the hit and miss approach that I currently have to use. Thanks, Dave

  • @David-Woolston Thank you for the suggestion! This has been requested before, so I will add your vote to the feature request.

    The reason we have it configured the way we do, is because when data travels through a mesh point, it will face some degradation. The App will help you discover the best placement, but on the backend it will perform a throughput test. Even though the connection strength may be ideal, when the mesh points go through another mesh point, creating a multi hop connection, the throughput could be worse.

  • Put me down for this feature as well. Mine has the exact same issue.

  • +1 to adding this feature

  • Just to add that my furthest mesh point gets an good signal from the mid-point mesh point but a weak signal from the router. I find that every few days the furthest mesh point has moved to the router and connections from it are slow. I'd really like to be able to force it to stay on the mid-point mesh point. Please can this feature be added? I've tried all sorts of mesh point locations and it's the same for all of them. It's driving me crazy. Thanks, Dave.

  • hola, suma otro punto a la solicitud.
    este es mi gran problema desde que uso amplifi hd.

  • Hi, can I ask if there are any plans to address this, please? When the second meshpoint connects to the main router with a weak signal, I get virtually no throughput. I need to restart the meshpoint a random number of times and it will connect to the mid-point meshpoint and I get a decent bandwidth. But every few days, it defaults to the main router and connectivity drops. It s very frustrating and the only complain I have of this system. If you add the option to auto-select or manual select what the meshpoint connect to then this covers off both situations. Thanks, Dave.

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