Getting the Best Speeds..... .

  • Getting the best speeds out of your Alien.. WiFi etc.. Anyone have a good configuration that seems to work the best for getting good WiFi speeds? Also my house is very chopped up 3 floors, thinking 2 of these as I want to reach the backyard with decent signal. Does anyone have a remote idea when they will be restocked and if they will ever sell the Mesh separately? Thank you!

  • @Garnet-Ward In regards to inventory, I wish I had a better answer, but there is no telling when more will come in, however a great way to get notified of new inventory is enroll in email notifications on
    Best configuration for multiple Alien routers, would be to utilize the ethernet backhaul feature. However, if you cannot connect the two via ethernet cable, the backhaul communication will be on WiFi-6 and still perform very well.

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