AmpliFi / Alien DHCP Reservations

  • I have a few presales questions regarding the Alien’s DHCP reservation management.

    • What is the maximum number of DHCP reservations available on the Alien router?
    • If you edit the MAC address of a DHCP reservation, does it change the order of the table, like put that entry at the end?
    • Can the DHCP reservation table be viewed by IP address, either by say a sorting function, or possibly exporting the table, editing the order, and re-importing it?

    Thanks for your help!

  • @AudioHTIT Hello,

    • The max is 249

    • No, you cannot edit the MAC address of clients.

    • No, this is currently not possible

    Hope this helps, let me know if you have other questions!

  • @UI-JT

    Thanks for your reply, the answer to question 1 is great and more than enough for me. I didn’t expect 3 to work, but ask anyway.

    However I believe you misunderstood question 2, or your management is much different than most. I don’t want to edit the MAC address of a client / device, I want to edit the MAC address in the DHCP table. For instance if my printer has a reservation at .10 and I get a new printer, I’d want to edit the MAC address in the reservation table to reflect the new printers address. If I do that, will the entry move to another place in the table, like the end?

    Thanks again for your help.

  • @UI-JT

    Hi JT—

    Still hoping to get clarification on question #2 above, I’d like to order an Alien, but need to understand how this works. If for instance my reservation table looked something like this when viewed in a browser: MACADDR1 Device 1 MACADDR2 Device 2 MACADDR3 Device 3

    I then edit MACADDR2, will the table be in the same order, or will the entry with MACADDR2 now be at the end or bottom? If you’re not sure could you test this please?

    Thanks for your help

  • @AudioHTIT With AmpliFi, you assign IP address to MAC ID, so opposite of the way you are describing here. IF you get a new printer, you would delete the static IP assignment on the old printer, then assign the static IP to the new printer. A new printer would just be assigned a random IP via DHCP and once that static IP is available can be reassigned to the new printer

  • @UI-JT


    Thanks for your reply and for clarifying how the AmpliFI’s DHCP is managed. It’s unfortunate that this means the reservation table can’t be kept in order by IP address, a few routers can, but they’re usually limited by their maximum number of reservations. The search continues ...

    Thanks again for your help.

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