adding additional mesh points

  • hi can i add additional mesh points to the instant ? i have looked online and i dont see any meshpoints only that are available . Can you only have 1 meshpoint ?


  • Hi @Russell-Kimble -...

    can i add additional mesh points to the instant ?

    You can add ONLY add additional standalone devices to your existing Instant based mesh:

    • AFI-INS-R (standalone Instant Router)
    • AFI-P-HD (standalone MeshPoint HD)
    • AFI-R (standalone HD Router)

    If you are currently using a standalone Instant Router, you can in theory purchase a single AFI-INS KIT (including one Instant Router and one Instant MeshPoint) but then you MUST install the Instant Kit's Router as the primary router, factory reset your current Instant Router, and then you can use you standalone Instant Router as a mesh point (RAMP)

    (the rule is you can only have one kit per mesh and the router from the kit must be the primary router)

    If you decide to purchase a higher performing AFI-R standalone HD Router and you are currently using an standalone Instant Router, I would also recommend considering making the HD Router your primary router, factory resetting the Instant and installing the Instant as a mesh point

    Can you only have 1 meshpoint ?

    No, you can have multiple mesh points, but AmpliFi does not use dedicated backhaul radios, so there is a throughout performance drop for each mesh point in the chain between your primary router and the client

    So it is recommended to only use the minimum number of mesh points to achieve the desired coverage for your environment, and to add them one-by-one as needed, rather than trying to blanket an area with possibly too many mesh points causing potential interference and roaming issues

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