Teleport Alien to Alien - video buffering

  • Hi. I have two Aliens. I'm teleporting a hard-wired Apple TV from one Alien household to the other in order to be validated in to a different TV DMA (NYC Channels, but outside the area). The NYC Alien is on Verizon Fios and tests always at 930-950 up/down. The Apple TV/Alien household is on Spectrum, and tests at 100/10. Using Fubo TV, without Teleport, I rarely if ever see buffering. Using Teleport, I regularly see buffering, to the point that it is unusable. Wifi not issue - it's hardwired on Cat5e and throughput to ATV tests fine.

    Where is the issue or bottleneck? Assuming Teleport cannot handle the streaming video? If so, is there ever a plan to handle more throughput? We're talking simple 1080 video stream for basic channels here, not 4k stuff.

  • Hi @David-Crombie - Spectrum may be the issue as there have been reports of issues between AmpliFi and Spectrum service

    Based on your description, NYC Fios is the "home" location and the Alien on Spectrum is "remote"?

    Is the Alien on Spectrum the primary router, or are you Double NAT behind a primary router that is more 'Spectrum friendly'?

    As a comparison, I am using Apple TV, Alien-to-Alien, router-to-router from Japan to California, with modest service (~200 Mbps) at each end and have no buffering issues at all - quite the opposite actually, and better latency than the HW Teleport ever achieved

    If you can, you might want to try running the Spectrum Alien Double NAT behind a primary router and see if it improves

  • @Derek-Saville Thanks for the reply.
    Fios is Home, Spectrum is Remote. Correct.
    Alien is primary router on both systems. No double NAT.
    I suppose I could try adding a router pre-Alien on the Spectrum side, but I was hoping to stay simple. It's a second home where we don't want additional points of failure if possible.

  • @David-Crombie @Derek-Saville So far, we have had very little if any reports of the Alien having any issues with Spectrum, so i'm very interested to hear more about this, it that becomes the case.
    With Teleport active, what speed test results do you see on the Apple TV? A HD video usually does not take more than 14Mbps, to stream.

  • Hi @UI-Brett & @David-Crombie - I don’t have personal experience with Spectrum so I may be way off

    When I have experienced buffering over Teleport in the past it was often related to latency and/or buffer bloat issues at the Home location

    I can’t imagine buffet bloat on Fios service but you might want to check

    And as a test, consider going into the Home Alien router’s web UI and enabling QoS with lower bandwidth caps and see what happens?

    Maybe limit download to 500 or 250 Mbps and set the upload bandwidth to 100, 60 and then 20 Mbps and see what speeds & latency you obtain at the remote location router-to-router

    Just remember I believe the QoS setting is in Kbps

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