How to know if one or two is better?

  • Hi!

    I’m wondering if it’s true that if you use two units on a mesh system and you don’t really need the second one, that it actually hinders your system’s performance? If so, how do you know if a second one will help or hurt? In some ways, I’d like to go ahead and have two to increase the overall coverage and also because we’ll likely have to move later this year and we’d know that we have proper coverage for that place, too. But I don’t want to mess up/unnecessarily slow my system setup either.

    Any info or advice would be brilliant! Thanks so much in advance. Stay safe and healthy! 🙂

  • @raeyn Great question! If you do not know how your home will interfere with your network, I always suggest starting with one Alien connected, then use the app to survey your home for connection strength or performance issues and only add if needed based on that. Too much WiFi can be a bad thing.

  • @UI-Brett can you buy the mesh unit separately? I have the Alien but at some point in the future would like to extend it’s reach further.

  • @Reados You can expand the Alien mesh system with additional Alien routers which can be added as wired or wireless meshpoints.

  • Can you expand on the comment to start with one and use the App to survey the home for strength. Ive got one Alien router and 3 mesh points and coverage is awful. Home is 3 levels (router/cable is in basement, but under 4,000 sq ft total.

  • @StanleyF 3 Aliens and in 4,000 sq ft? I would guess that you are facing some major physical or electrical interference in your home for you to have awful coverage.

    What I like to do as a starting point test is to stand roughly about 5 ft away from your primary router and view the connection strength on your mobile phone using the AmpliFi app. AmpliFi App > Devices > select your phone > Client Details > Signal %

    within 5 ft, you should be anywhere from 95-100% signal strength. If you are lower than that, something in that room may be causing interference so check to make sure nothing is stacked on top of your Alien, or directly touching it. If physically everything is moved, then start by trying to identify wireless interference by scanning your home with a WiFi analyzer.

    Also to note, before doing this I would suggest enabling the ethernet backhaul option on your RAMPS if needed (Referencing your previous community thread)

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